Friday, May 22, 2015

Snipets Of Our Week

Here are a few snapshots of our week.
I have mentioned before that both of my boys love doing anything art related.  We color, marker, cut, glue, and paint almost on a daily basis.  They just love it!  Here is Ben on Monday morning doing some painting.

fingers are always more fun, right?

We ran some errands in town on Tuesday morning while Cruz was at school.  I think Ben enjoys the one on one time he gets with us in the mornings while Cruz is away.  When it is just him alone he is so easy!  We can take him just about anywhere and he does great.  Here he is enjoying a morning yogurt snack at the mall food court in Chiquimula.

Tuesday afternoon we had a visit from our IMB colleagues the Miller's along with some friends that are here visiting with them this week.  They came over to visit the Chorti area.  We enjoyed having them in our home and going out to eat supper with them that evening.  They are all sweet folks.

We had Bible classes in Tunuco Arriba on Wednesday morning.  Here is Mrs. Diana teaching the older kids class. 

This sweet little girl is in the younger kids class.  I took this picture of her patiently sitting and waiting for her older sibling to finish so they could walk home.

Another sweet little girl who comes to Bible class each week.

Here are my boys in the village that morning having a snack.  Don't you just love Cruz's jeans?  ha 

When dropping Mrs. Diana off after Bible class she invited us in for iced coffee and homemade lemon cake.  We ended up staying for over an hour just sitting, talking, and enjoying their fellowship.  They are such a fun couple!

I spent Thursday morning packing our bags for a trip into Guatemala City.  We waited until Cruz got out of school at 12:30 to leave.  Before picking him up we made a stop by the bakery to get our weekly cupcake fix.  They take special orders only and each week he does a featured specialty cupcake.  He advertises it on his facebook page on Monday for you to order and then you pick them up on Thursday.  This week he featured Reese's Peanut Butter Cup cupcakes.  Who can resist peanut butter and chocolate?  not us!  ha 
our Reese's Peanut Butter Cup cupcakes
(a little melted from the 3 hour drive into Guatemala City but still delicious)

Last week a team brought down my homeschool materials and they were waiting on me when I got to our mission house in Guatemala City.  I have been itching all week to get them!  It was so fun going through it all and looking at it.  Cruz was right up under me just as excited.  I do not plan to start until August so this gives me a little over 2 months to get everything ready and organized.  Just in case you were interested to know I'll be using Sing Spell Read & Write for Language Arts, Math-U-See Primer for math, Exploring Science (from Elemental for science, and Abeka Bible & Art.  I'm excited!

That night we went out for supper at San Martin.  It is a restaurant/ bread shop/ bakery chain here.  Here are my guys browsing through the bread section while we waited for our food.

It was a cold, rainy night in Guatemala City so I enjoyed a hot bowl of baked potato soup.  It was delicious.

It's now Friday morning (whoop whoop) and we are up getting ready to start the day.  There is a lot of excitement in the air because my mom arrives today.  We'll soon be heading to the airport to pick her up.  The boys are beyond excited and cannot wait to see her.  I'm looking forward to having her here for the next week to show her around and mostly let someone else chase after and entertain these two wild ones of ours, ha.  I anticipate a really fun week ahead.

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  1. Life sounds full and busy and wonderful! I'm excited for you as you prep for homeschooling- it has been one of the biggest blessings, and to think I came upon it quite accidentally! God is so good.

    Your boys are so precious! =)


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