Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend 2015

Mother's Day in Guatemala is always on May 10 regardless which day of the week it is.  This year it happened to fall on the same day as it was celebrated in the States.  Many years I get to celebrate twice- May 10 in Guatemala and then the Sunday that it falls on in the States.  The schools here all have big celebration programs on Mother's Day.  This year they had them on Friday and my weekend celebration got kicked off by attending the program that Cruz's school had Friday morning.
me and my sweet boys before leaving for Cruz's Mother's Day program on Friday morning

me and my big boy Cruz
I am really struggling with him about to be turning 5!!!

"let's make funny faces mama"

getting ready to perform with his class

a little video of his class singing

This makes me laugh.  They were taking turns playing a game on someone's cell phone.

Waiting to be served some pizza.

At the end of the program the kids all presented their moms with a homemade gift.  Here is Cruz bringing me my gift.

My gift included a hand towel with his handprint on it.  It says "I love you mama".

I got a homemade handwritten card saying "Happy Mother's Day"  "I love you" and a duck towel ring.

I love this!

Later that afternoon I snapped this photo of Ben playing in my shoes.  He said "look daddy, I'm mama going to work in the village".   ha
my sweet Ben

Saturday we did just what I wanted to do- nothing!  We had a lazy day at home just hanging out together.
David took the boys to town to get me flowers.  Ben picked out white roses and Cruz picked out red ones.  Flowers are always top on my list for every occasion.

My beautiful roses sitting on my table.

It was hot that day so we spent a lot of time out back in the pool.  They were in and out of it all day.

One of our channels was airing a marathon of Madagascar movies.  We watched (off and on) parts 1, 2, and 3.  My little guys LOVE Madagascar!  It was 100 degrees outside and this is how they wanted to watch the movies- in my lap.  Cruz said "we're keeping you warm mama".  YES they were!  ha

They also did a little dancing during the movies.  The sound did not pick up very well on my camera for some reason but you can still see them.

He likes to "move it move it".  (Ben was being Alex the lion)

my table for Mother's Day morning breakfast

I had gifts and homemade cards waiting for me.

me and my boys on Mother's Day morning

I cooked French toast and bacon with strawberries.

Of course I had to make the boys breakfast fun so I cut theirs and made a smiley face.

my cards from the boys

This made me smile.

We took a few photos after breakfast.

There is no greater joy than being a mom!

We attended the Mother's Day service at a Baptist church in Chiquimula.  Here are David and the boys before church started.

The kids practiced a song while in the back and came out to perform it during the service.

I loved seeing my little ones participating with the group.

We had planned to eat lunch at the restaurant next to where we live but an 18 wheeler had overturned right down the road from us and the road was blocked both directions.  We waited in line for a while and then decided to turn around and eat somewhere in town.  We tried out this place for the first time and really enjoyed it.  I'm certain we'll go back again soon.

I had pasta. David had grilled chicken and the boys had cheese quesadillas.  It turned out to be a great Mother's Day meal.

We were late eating lunch, late returning home, and late taking naps.  That meant the boys had a lot of energy to burn before bedtime.  We took them next door to swim and we stayed until almost dark.  It was a great way to end my weekend of celebrating!
enjoying a little ice cream before an afternoon swim

There are days when I don't think my life could get any more chaotic or stressful.  There are days when I just want to sit and cry.  There are days when I think I'm just not cut out for motherhood.  But, then there are special days like this that remind me just what an honor it is to be called a Mom.  I am very thankful and blessed to have two beautiful, healthy children. There were many years when I did not think I would ever get this privilege.  Thank you God for the blessing of children and for making me a mom!

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