Monday, May 25, 2015

Mimi's Visit Part 1

We spent the weekend entertaining guests.  My mom flew in on Friday to spend the week with us and help celebrate Cruz's birthday.  A lady from our home area, Ms. Teresa, came with her because she doesn't like to travel by herself.  We have had a really fun time together so far and have several more days to go before they fly back.  Here is a little look at our time together so far.
me and the boys waiting for my mom's flight to arrive in Guatemala City

Here she comes!  Is that a happy face or what!

welcoming my mom back to Guatemala

Mimi and Ben

We had yellow roses and homemade cards waiting for her at our mission house in Guatemala City.

That first night we ate supper at TGI Friday's.  Here are my mom, Cruz, and Teresa.

Mimi and Ben at Friday's in Guatemala City

our crew at TGI Friday's in Guatemala City

 Saturday morning snuggles while watching cartoons

my mom, Ben, me, and Cruz

We spent Saturday morning shopping at the market in Guatemala City.  I helped them pick out some souvenirs to take home.  It was cool and drizzly there which was quite different from the hot temps we are used to in the Chiquimula area.  The boys and I wore jackets most all of the weekend.
Trying to stay warm on a cool Saturday morning in Guatemala City.

my mom and the boys at the airport market in Guatemala City

After a long morning of shopping we headed over to Chuck E. Cheese's for lunch and to let the boys play. 
my boys with Chuck E. Cheese

having fun at Chuck E. Cheese's

 watching themselves on the tv screens

They did some fun games with the kids.  Here are my two taking part in the activities.

When they finished they tossed lots of tickets into the air for the kids to grab and cash in.  Here are the kids gathering them up.   When added to the tickets they got from their games my two had enough to pick out a whistle and a water gun each.  That's just what you want to take home with you, right?  HA
Here is a little video of the boys playing with Chuck E. Cheese

Saturday night we visited a local mall and ate at the food court.  We were up early on Sunday morning to load the car and make the drive home to our house.  I have not taken a single photo since lunch on Saturday.  I have got to do better over the next few days!  After arriving at our home we unpacked and got settled in.  We ate lunch, took naps, and then planned on going swimming but it rained.  Instead we spent the afternoon at home with no power trying to keep cool.  I cooked supper (chicken chimichangas, black beans, peach cobbler, fruit, and ice cream) and then we played Phase 10 until bedtime.  We have had a lot of fun so far.  Cruz's birthday is Tuesday (the 26th) so today we are getting things ready for that.  I anticipate a fun day of celebrating him and am glad to have my mom here to help make it extra special.   

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