Monday, May 4, 2015

Auto Safari Chapin 2015

On our way to El Salvador we decided to make a stop by the Auto Safari Chapin.  There are several border crossings between Guatemala and El Salvador.  We had not planned to go this particular route but after talking with a few other missionaries we changed our plans and headed this way.  From Guatemala City it was an easy way to go.  Since we would be driving right pass the Auto Safari we decided to take advantage of it and make a visit.

It was our third time to go there.  Our first visit was back in 2007 during what we call our "single days".  We refer to our time before kids as our "single days".  ha  We went again as a family while in route to the Guatemala beach to celebrate David's birthday back in 2012.  Cruz was 2 and Ben was 3 months old.



a sign along the highway advertising the park

Cruz loves maps and was eager to look over the one they gave us when we arrived.

The first animals we saw were the zebras.  They were right outside Ben's window.  He was quite amazed to see them.

my guys looking at the hippos

my boys were tickled to watch these little ones chase us down the road

In the giraffe section you could purchase branches and feed them to the giraffes from your window.  Here is the car in front of us feeding a giraffe.

Watching the crocodile

We were there during the middle of the day and it was hot.  Many of the animals (including my boys favorite- the lions) were resting in the shady spots.  We could see them laying around but would have enjoyed it more had they been up and walking.  Next time we'll plan to get there a little earlier when most of the animals are on the move.

Cruz spotting a peacock from the restaurant

Here they are trying to get close to the peacock.

how pretty!

waiting for lunch

Our family at the Auto Safari in 2015
We have made it a tradition to take a picture in the same spot on each visit.  It will be a while before we return there but I'll be looking forward to taking the boys again someday.

We made a stop by the gift shop on the way back to the car.  We let the boys pick out any animal they wanted as a souvenir.  They both chose black snakes.  If you know me at all then you should know that letting them have those was a big deal for me.  I have a HUGE phobia of snakes (even the little rubber ones).  I don't know what I was thinking!  I have tried to keep my cool and not let them know I'm afraid.  Once they discover that I'm toast, ha.


We were not in the car long before they were both sound asleep (with snakes in hand).   They slept until we reached the El Salvador border crossing and had to get out to check in.

This stop along the way to El Salvador at the Auto Safari was just the beginning of a wonderful little family vacation we took.  Traveling with little ones is hard work but when you see them enjoying themselves it makes it all worth it!

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