Friday, April 10, 2015

Our Week In Pictures

Another week has come and gone.  I am glad for Friday to arrive!  I'm still behind on my laundry but I made it to the grocery store so we're good, ha.  Here is a look at how we spent our week-

Cruz was out of school the week before Easter.  It worked out well considering we had a team that week.  We assumed he would go back to class on Monday (since there was no note telling us otherwise).  We got him up, fed him, got him dressed, and drove him there only to find a note on the gate saying they were closed and would resume classes on Tuesday.  Very frustrating!  I was very much looking forward to a quiet morning so you can imagine my face when David returned home and I saw Cruz jump out of the car.  Don't get me wrong, I was glad to see him, but I got very little accomplished the rest of the day.

We spent a while that morning at the playground.  They love their new monster truck shirts they got for Easter.  

sweet Ben on the playground

me and my precious Cruz

That afternoon I took them next door for a swim.  I let them pick out a Popsicle from the hotel store to enjoy before they jumped in.  Ben chose orange and Cruz chose chocolate.

We were the only ones in the pool but we had about 40 onlookers who were hanging around mowing the grass.  The boys loved watching them.  I just kept hoping they didn't get thirsty, ha.

Here they are before bedtime on Monday enjoying their new video games they got for Easter.  

Cruz was back in school on Tuesday and I spent the morning buying groceries and getting the house back in order.  Here they are riding bikes that afternoon.

I love the look on Cruz's face here!

Wednesday we were in Tunuco Arriba for Bible study.  It had been two weeks since we had been there so we were excited to return.
The boys in Tunuco Arriba.  The mountain views from the school where we meet are just beautiful!

All along the drive up the mountain we saw coffee plants and they were all in full bloom of the white flower they produce before the beans.  They have the sweetest smell.  I love to see and smell them.

Bible study in Tunuco Arriba.  Mrs. Diana taught on the resurrection.

When it got time to do the coloring sheets a few of the moms joined in to help.  I thought that was good.  We had 22 K5 and 1st graders.

a precious Chorti girl in Tunuco Arriba

Some of the 2nd - 6th graders.  I think we had 32 of them present this week.

For a school project this week Cruz had to visit a local park in Chiquimula and the Municipal building.  They are studying their community this unit at school.  We took him to visit those places on Wednesday afternoon.

Cruz at the El Calvario park in Chiquimula.  

Cruz outside the Municipal Building in Chiquimula

When we returned home I took them for another swim.  It's been hot this week so getting to cool off in the afternoons is a real treat.


 Here is a short video of them jumping into the water. 

When they finished swimming I dried them off and got them dressed.  We sat out by the pool and played "I Spy" for about 30 minutes before walking home.  They love that.

Ben "helped" me cook supper that night.  By help I mean he ate while I cooked.  I made chicken chimichangas and we all love them.  Add a side of black beans and it's a great meal.

 Cruz had a lot of homework to finish before bedtime.  Let me just say that doing cursive writing with a 4 year old is NOT FUN!

This was Ben's bed head when he got up on Thursday morning.  

silly boy

Thursday afternoon we headed to Muyruco for Bible study.  
Here are some of the kids playing before we got started.  I had two new visitors this week.  They were brothers.  They didn't want to sit down and be a part of the group but they stood close by and listened to every word we taught.  I pray they will return again next time.

She is the only girl in a family of 7 kids.  Isn't she precious!!! I love getting to see that sweet smile every week.

The kids love to run down the hill and watch us as we hike the trail back to our car.

After arriving back in town we stopped for pizza, cheese fries, and these delicious frozen orangeades for supper.  You would think my boys would be thrilled but Cruz insisted on ordering an egg plate with black beans and tortillas.  That made us laugh.

We finished two Bible studies this week and we have two more to go.  We'll be in Lagunetas on Saturday afternoon and David will teach in Nearar on Sunday morning.  We are looking forward to these times of sharing God's Word and would appreciate your prayers for us as we go.  Other than that we plan on having a low-key weekend.  We'll see...

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