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LifePark Youth Team March 2015

Last week we hosted a group of high school students along with their leaders from LifePark Church in Mount Pleasant, SC.  Having served seven years in full time student ministry prior to coming on the mission field our hearts were blessed to get to spend some time with these young adults.  We had an amazing week together and loved seeing the maturity in these students and their desire to serve Christ here in Guatemala.  It was a fun week and we laughed, served, and shared our lives together just like the family of Christ should do.  We were blessed by each one who came and we hope for another chance to serve alongside them again in the future.
our team 
(minus Ben who was napping in the car)

We spent the week partnering in the village of Chanco.  Our days would begin by us breaking off into small groups, having prayer time, and then making home visits all morning.
the group gathering up for a day of sharing Christ in Chanco

Here is our small group on our way to make a visit one morning.  There was a lot of hiking that took place over the four days there.

Another small group off to make visits.   Each group had a translator with them. 

Our crew making a home visit.  The students were able to talk with the families, share Christ with them, read scripture with them, tell Bible stories to them, pray with them, and encourage them.   Each visit was a little different but that pretty much covers what we were doing in the homes.  On some visits the students got to do some hands on things like make tortillas, shell beans, wash clothes at the local well, ride a horse, and try local foods and drinks, etc.  Those were some of their favorite memories.

our group making another home visit in Chanco

Three out of the four days we took a small group to another village to make visits.  On Monday they went to Lagunetas.  Ben and I stayed home that day so I don't have any photos. 

 On Wednesday we visited with a family of believers in the village of Churischan. 

On Thursday we took them to the home where we have weekly Bible study in Muyurco.   This was probably our groups favorite visit of the week.  The family that we meet with there is just precious and I think everyone fell in love with them.

We would all meet back up for lunch at the school in Chanco.  Our meal would consist of either a turkey or peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  We had chips, cookies, and cold canned drinks.  The team took turns on lunch duty to make everyone's sandwiches.   Here's Cruz "helping" Staci and Gabby one day.

 The afternoons were spent doing VBS and playing soccer.

VBS games 

On Wednesday afternoon we hosted a community wide soccer game.   It was USA vs. Guatemala.  Guatemala won 7-4 but in spite of that I think everyone had a great time of fellowship together.  During the half  everyone gathered up for a time of Bible study.  One of the youth leaders led it and did a wonderful job.  

the Chanco soccer team

Overall my boys were troopers that week.  I didn't anticipate taking them every day but they enjoyed it so much that I wanted them to be involved.  Don't get me wrong, it was not easy hauling a two and four year old all over the village for four days (most of it hiking), but they did well.  The way the team loved on them and included them just blessed my heart in ways I cannot even describe.  It was beautiful to watch them all interact together. 

Cruz and Miguel

Ben and Hillary

a few of the girls

Don't they look like fun? ha  

Staci (in the yellow) was Cruz's bud for the week.  For whatever reason he liked to call her Jessi.  They had a sweet bond together.

Morton, Gabby, and Staci hiking in Muyurco

the boys with Kenny

closing out our time in the village with devotion and prayer

This was a really great group to work with.  They were laid back, eager to serve, and just a lot of fun.  We pray that the Lord would lead them back down this way again one day!

Here is a link to my  facebook album if you would like to see more photos from our week.

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