Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Here is a little glimpse of our life over the past week.  I spent most of the first part of last week getting things ready for Ben's birthday.  The highway that runs in front of our subdivision is being repaved so getting back and forth to town has been a headache the last two weeks.
After a long morning of running errands last Tuesday we stopped by the frozen yogurt booth and got Ben a treat.  He picked strawberry.

On Wednesday we headed up the mountain to Tunuco Arriba for Bible class in the school.  We are averaging about 55 kids each week in the two classes.  Mrs. Diana is doing a great job of teaching in the Chorti language and the kids seem to be learning and remembering the stories they are being taught.

some of the kids in Tunuco Arriba seeing us off as we left that day

Here is Ben borrowing someones hammock that morning to take a break, ha.  David usually takes the boys off to visit and play while Mrs. Diana and I are working in the school.  He looks chilled out doesn't he.
and here is Mrs. Diana teaching the kids the song "Our God is an Awesome God" in Chorti

She invited us to stay for lunch that day when we returned from the village.  In addition to eating lunch together we were also celebrating Mr. John's recent birthday.   We had a great meal and great time of fellowship around the table.
Mrs. Diana and Mr. John with his birthday cake
they are precious folks!

Their Chorti translation team joined us for lunch also.  We all sat outside under a covered porch and ate.  I love outdoor dining!

We had BBQ chicken, black beans, rice, bean salad, pasta salad, and tortillas.

I've already blogged about Thursday (Ben's birthday).  What a fun day that was!  Friday morning David met with Bro. Nahum (a pastor from Honduras) about the possibility of starting a new Bible study in a village near the border.  While he was gone I washed clothes and got the house straightened up.  That afternoon we swam and then had a fun night planned.  We grilled hamburgers, and had hot dogs and French fries for our meal.  While eating we watched Disney Planes Fire and Rescue outback in the yard.  David's mother had sent it to Ben for his birthday.  We really enjoyed the movie.  It was cute. 
Cruz has already asked to have this for his birthday theme next year (even though his birthday this year has not even passed yet! HA.  That boy loves birthdays!

my boys watching the movie on a hot Friday evening

Here are some of my Bible study crew from Lagunetas on Saturday afternoon.  We had a fun time of Bible study there.   When we returned to town we went out for some Chinese Shrimp Fried Rice for supper in Chiquimula.  Ben likes it but Cruz doesn't so we picked him up some McDonald's chicken nuggets to eat instead.

David had Bible study in Nearar on Sunday morning.  This week he took Miguel (from the village of Chanco) with him.  Miguel really enjoyed going with him and shared an interest to go again.  Pray for Miguel who is a young believer and wanting to grow in his faith. 

Miguel praying at the close of the Bible study

and here are some pictures of my sweet boys clowning around that morning at home

These two keep me BUSY!!!

We have a steady week going so far.  We'll be in a different village each day Monday - Thursday.  We appreciate your prayers as we travel around making visits and leading Bible studies.  The hot season has arrived with a vengeance!  April is typically the hottest month of the year for us.  Hot doesn't even describe what it has felt like these past few days.  It's more like pure misery!  And, it doesn't look like there is much relief in sight.  Here is a photo I took yesterday afternoon showing the upcoming week.  Oh my oh my oh my! 

Have a great week everyone.  Enjoy that nice spring weather in the States.  This heat will be heading your way before you know it. ha

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  1. What a precious photo of Miguel praying. Hope you guys are finding ways to cool off. Praying for your coming week.


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