Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015

Life has been busy around here the last couple of weeks.  We said goodbye to our team on Friday and came home to crash.  I felt like I had reached a new level of tiredness.  Then, later that afternoon, David and Ben both started running fever.  That left me with a sick husband, a sick child, and a bouncing off the walls preschooler that was wanting to do anything but sit down and rest.  Calgon....!!!  ha  By Saturday morning their fever had broken and they were feeling better just tired.  I wondered if I should even bother with doing anything for Easter.  I didn't have a whole lot planned to start with, but just couldn't let the time pass without a little celebration.  So I got busy planning and doing my best to make something happen. 

I made us these placecards to go on the table for our meals.

I spent a lot of time cooking on Saturday.  We planned to attend a local church on Sunday so I knew I wouldn't have time to cook that morning before we left.  I decided for us to eat our Easter meal on Saturday night and go out for lunch on Sunday.  That worked out really well.  Late that afternoon I got the food in the oven and while David and Ben rested I took Cruz next door for a little swim. 

my little fish

Our Easter meal consisted of poppyseed chicken, macaroni and cheese, green bean casserole, deviled eggs, jello jigglers, sweet tea, and turtle brownies.  I had not been to the grocery store since before I left for Peru so I was happy to be able to throw this meal together. 

our Spring themed jello jigglers

After eating I had the boys work on a craft.  We made Easter baskets out of paper plates.  Here is Cruz painting his plate.  I cut them and pieced them together with a hot glue gun and they turned out really cute.

When the baskets were complete we went out to the back yard and filled them with grass.

our Easter baskets

I woke up on Sunday morning not feeling well.  I didn't have fever but I felt terrible.  But, when you have little ones the show must go on, right?

the boys Easter gifts
Most all of it was from David's mother.  She mailed it to the team and they brought it down to the boys.

Easter morning breakfast
It was a last minute idea and I think next year I'll make these for Good Friday instead.  It was a great visual reminder of the Easter story for the boys to see and gave us another opportunity to talk about it during our meal.

After breakfast we got dressed and took family photos.

our family on Easter Sunday 2015

the grass was a little wet so I put a blanket down to take the boys photo

they are growing up fast!

a look back at them Easter 2013

David and the boys

me and my sweet little guys

Cruz took this photo of us while having Easter lunch in Chiquimula

After naptime (a much needed naptime) the boys wanted to hide eggs.  I was amazed at how much Cruz remembered about American Easter traditions from being in the States last year.   I could only find 8 plastic eggs in our storage so we hid them over and over and over...

 Cruz wearing his new Spiderman shirt and Buzz Lightyear socks.

At one point they slipped into the storeroom and came out wearing goggles.  I guess they thought they helped them find the eggs better, ha.

David reading the Easter story to the boys. 

The rest of the day we just laid low.  Some neighbor kids invited Cruz over to play in their new kiddie pool and he had a blast being with them.   We ate leftovers for supper, took showers, and then before bedtime we squeezed in a holiday tradition of watching Charlie Brown. 

excited about watching "It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown!"

Happy Easter everyone!  We hope you had a fun weekend too.

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  1. hola, very touched by your blog as my husband and I (and two young sons) are about to implore on our overseas adventure with same agenda. praying for you all and finding encouragement and advice from you sister. thank you.


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