Friday, April 17, 2015

Ben Turns Three

On Thursday the 16th of April we celebrated Ben's 3rd birthday.  My baby is growing up fast!  Here is how we spent his day-

On Cruz's first birthday I began the tradition of their birthday morning being like Christmas morning.  I like to put out their gifts and decorate the night before and let them wake up on their birthday morning to find their surprises.  It's a fun thing that my boys love and a tradition I am glad I started. 
Ben's birthday morning surprises

I ordered both of the boys a birthday t-shirt on etsy and had our last team bring them down.  Ben has a #3 "Cars" theme and Cruz will be getting a #5 "Toy Story" one.  His party will be Buzz Lightyear.

 Ben's birthday gifts

table decorations  
I made those flags at the last minute out of copy paper and crepe paper

I also have a tradition of taking a photo of my boys sleeping the night before their birthday.  (the black on his arm is a sock to keep him from sucking his thumb all night).

Ben coming down the hall on his birthday morning.  He has no idea what he is about to see in the kitchen but he can hear his brother screaming "happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday..."

seeing his gifts

They both got matching Lightning McQueen shirts and socks.

we then spent some time letting him open his gifts


Breakfast was banana pancakes with star shaped watermelon pieces and grapes.   I made Ben's pancake in the shape of a "3" and added whipped cream and mini M&M's.

Later that morning Cruz went to school.  David went to a village.  Ben and I spent the morning at home playing. Cruz has to be at school by 7:15 so if we had done all of that before we took him to school then you know we were up early, ha. 

We checked Cruz out a little early and headed to McDonald's for lunch.  My boys love chicken nugget Happy Meals.

They also love the toys they get with them.   After eating we let them play a while before returning home.

me, David, and Ben on his 3rd birthday

and here we are on the day he was born.  It was one of the happiest days of our lives!

The afternoon was spent playing in their new pool.  It was HOT so that was a great way to pass some time.
having fun on his birthday

a family photo on Ben's 3rd birthday

His birthday cupcakes I made.  I  printed clip art onto cardstock paper, cut them out, taped them to toothpicks.  It was very simple, but cute.  The candle is the same one from Cruz's 3rd birthday (another birthday tradition I have).

Just like the flags I made this decoration to cover the platter for the cupcakes.  It's a sheet of black crepe paper and squares of white copy paper.

 My sweet boy seeing his birthday cupcakes

We called in a pizza for our supper and while we waited for it to be delivered "Uncle Mark" arrived to see us.  He is an IMB missionary who lives in the Capital.   He drove over from Guatemala City to make some visits in this area and stopped by to drop a few things off to us.  He also brought Ben a Lightning McQueen car and Tow Mater truck that both boys loved!  He stayed for supper, cake, and our evening entertainment.

Ben while we sang "Happy Birthday" to him

blowing out his candle

After eating we went out to the backyard and watched "Cars 2" under the stars.  It was a fun way to end the day!

my boys watching the movie

and of course there were a few times they had to get up and dance, ha

What a fun day we had loving on our little Ben and making him feel extra special.  I love birthdays and getting to plan them for my boys brings me much joy.  We thank God everyday for our two boys but especially on their birthdays. We like to take some extra time to remember the blessing that they are, the miracle of their births, and the joy they bring to our family. 

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