Friday, March 6, 2015

Things Are Bumping Along Nicely

Well TGIF!  I, for one, am glad to see the weekend arrive.  It's been a great week, but a busy one.  I'm ready to sit down and catch my breath.

Monday was spent catching up on laundry and things around the house.  David had a lot of errands to do in town so he was out and about most of the day. 

We headed up the mountain on Tuesday morning to the village of Lagunetas with plans to make a home visit.  But, as we were driving up the mountain we encountered the family we were going to see walking into town.  So instead we ended up just visiting in the road and then traveled on.  We cut through the back side of the mountain and came out in the village of Chanco.  There we were able to make three good visits and remind the ones we saw along the way about our upcoming team who will be working there.  We were gone the whole morning and returned to town just in time to pick Cruz up from school at 12:30.  I did not take a single photo all morning.  ugh.

We got another early start on Wednesday morning when we traveled up the mountain to help with the Bible classes in the village of Tunuco Arriba.  We picked Mrs. Diana up in Camotan along the way.

Here is Mrs. Diana singing "This is the Day" in Chorti with the children.  The ones you see standing off in the background were several mothers.  They giggled and chatted with each other all the while listening to every word Mrs. Diana said.  It was great to see them also learning even though they don't realize it.  I hope we have lots of mothers come each week and hang out.  Maybe one day we can start a separate class just for them.
here's a short video of the singing

Bible story time with the K- 1st graders

Mrs. Diana with a few of the precious little girls

handing out color sheets to the 2nd - 6th graders

me and Mrs. Diana

While we are in the school David takes the boys off to play.  This week they passed a lot of time playing on this huge rock.  They go on little hikes, play in the dirt, climb up and down hills, etc.  It's just a fun outdoor morning for the boys and they love it.

It was in the high 90's when we returned home and we were all hot, tired, and thirsty.  We had stopped on the way home and bought some bananas from a street vendor.  I took a few bananas and added some ice cream, ice cubes, and a little milk to the blender and made us some smoothies.  They were a great afternoon treat.

our yummy smoothies

We had just enough time to catch our breath before we headed out again to take Cruz to soccer lessons.  He took lessons back in 2013 up until we left for our Stateside Assignment.  He has asked numerous times since we have returned when he can go again.  We waited until we moved and got settled for him to start again.  His first day back was Wednesday.  I love that we are now less than a five minute drive away!  That is going to be nice.

Cruz at soccer (I let him dress himself).

He has two boys from his class at school on his team.  He was thrilled when he saw them there.

Here's a short video of them warming up.

And here's little brother having fun on the swings while Cruz was practicing.   At first he got a little mad because he couldn't play with them.  Next year we hope to have them both on the field.

I mentioned in my last post that Cruz had two class presentations due this week at school.  Here he is with his hygiene poster.  We rehearsed those three lines over and over and over.  I think he ended up doing pretty well presenting it to his class on Thursday morning.
Cruz ready for his class presentation and P.E. day on Thursday.

That afternoon we traveled back up the mountain to lead Bible study in the village of Muyurco. 
Here are the boys trying to chase off a few cows that were hanging out near where we leave our car.

hiking the trail to Bible study

our family in Muyurco
(for whatever reason Cruz was pretending to be a bear)

Our study times went really well.  David taught the adults and I taught the children.  We also got to love on that precious newborn that we drove home from the hospital a few weeks ago.  We learned that they named him David.  He's precious and I hope to get a photo of him soon.

After we finished we hung out a while visiting and enjoying some homemade orange drink the lady made us.  I looked out at one point and saw the boys had gathered some pieces of wood and made their own see-saw.  They were playing so well together.  It made me smile.  It ended soon though when I noticed Cruz had Ben standing on one end while he began pouncing on the other because he wanted to "send his brother flying into the air".   ha The joys of boys!
playing on their homemade see-saw

Here's a short video of them playing

It was dark before we got back into town.  We stopped for pizza before returning home.  We gave new meaning to the phrase "falling into bed".  We were all tired.  Three days in a row of mountain roads had my "getting old" body feeling the pain.  We had spent several hours this week beating and bumping ourselves around but what a privilege.  I love what we do and getting to do it as a family brings me much joy.  

We got a note when we picked Cruz up from school on Thursday saying classes for today had been cancelled.  So I'm spending the morning doing some homework with him and getting ready for a visit from our Ag partners Dan and Noe.  They are traveling over from Honduras this morning to meet with us.  We anticipate a great time together.    I'm not sure what all the weekend holds but I plan to spend some of it with my feet propped up, ha.  David will have Bible study in Nearar on Sunday morning.  We would appreciate your prayers for his time there.  I'll see you back on Monday with a little weekend update.  Hope you have a fun one!

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  1. Regina, I am really enjoying your blog. your family life and mission work is such an encouragement because I see how the Lord keeps them running so smoothly.


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