Friday, March 20, 2015

The Rest Of Our Week

Well, another week has come and gone.  We've had a lot going on this week so I posted separately about our media team visit yesterday and today I'll share about the rest of our week. 

School mornings can get a little crazy around here (as I am sure is the same in most all households around the world).  In the middle of the busyness I had to stop and smile when I walked into the boys room on Monday morning and found them sitting on the floor "reading" a book together.  What a precious sight it was to this frazzled mama's eyes. 
a little story time on Monday morning before school

Later that day we worked on a St. Patrick's Day craft.  We made hats for them to wear.

The bedrooms in our current house do not have closets.   I have been trying to decide what to do with the boys clothes.  After looking around for something to store them in and not finding what we wanted we ended up having a local guy build something for us.  We were not expecting it until the end of the week but he called on Monday afternoon and said it was ready.  He delivered it to our house and I spent some time that evening filling it up.

the boys new "closet"

 Instead of a hanging bar I had it built with all shelves.  I figured I could get more in there that way.  The bottom shelf will hold their shoes but hopefully not always in such a messy fashion. ha  A girl can dream, right?

That evening I baked a cake for our team that was arriving on Tuesday morning.  I wanted us to have something to snack on with our coffee while we worked.  It's a cream cheese pound cake that my little family loves.

Tuesday we celebrated St. Patrick's Day.  I knew the team would be with us most of the day so the majority of our celebration was over breakfast.
Cruz with his shamrock hat and green themed breakfast.

Sweet Ben ready to eat.

I made us each a place-card for the table.  That's something new I've started doing this year for holidays and I think it's a lot of fun.  I'll try to save them to use in the years ahead.

The boys breakfast consisted of green pancakes that I tried to shape like clovers.  They also had green grapes, green clover jello jigglers (we don't normally eat jello for breakfast but I made an exception for the holiday),  and I sprinkled Lucky Charms cereal over their plates.  They thought it was a fun breakfast.

After eating we all dressed in green and took our family holiday picture.  It's my favorite thing to do.

and here we were last year on St. Paddy's Day 2014

my sweet boys later in the day.

We changed from our green because the team was coming and we didn't want to all be dressed alike for our interviews. ha  Most of the day was spent with the media team.

That evening we made a visit to the grocery store to pick up some picnic supplies for our lunch the next day in the village with the team.  My boys love to unload the shopping cart and put everything on the belt.

We ended our holiday night with a pizza supper at the food court in town.

Wednesday morning we got ready to head out to the village but before leaving I baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies for our lunch.  When Cruz came into the kitchen and realized what I was doing he said "mama, are you baking cookies?"  When I answered yes he replied with "oh, I loooove you!!!".  ha  He's crazy about cookies.
 my little guy eagerly waiting to taste test the cookies

After a long day in the village we said goodbye to the media team on Wednesday afternoon.  We spent Thursday morning running errands and buying supplies for our next team.  I will be returning from my trip to Lima on Saturday the 28th and the team arrives on Sunday the 29th.  Because of that I want to make sure as much as possible is done before I leave.
picking up some lunch supplies at the grocery store for an upcoming youth team we will be hosting

That afternoon we traveled to the village of Muyurco to lead Bible study.
Cruz took this photo of me and Ben before I began to teach the children.  This week's story was on Noah building the ark.  My focus for the story was on Noah's obedience to God and doing what God asked him to do.  It's hard to follow Christ when others mock you and do not support you.  Noah is a great example for the people in the village that find it hard to break away from tradition and follow Christ.  God always honors obedience.

Here are some of the precious children I get to teach each Thursday afternoon in the village of Muyurco.  I just think I have the best job in the world.

After returning to town from the village we stopped for supper.  This week's Thursday night outing was to the local Chinese restaurant for some shrimp fried rice.  yum!

I've developed a head cold/ chest congestion that has me feeling lousy this morning.  In spite of that I have a million things to get done over the next few days before I leave for my trip.  Today I'm washing laundry, making David some sanity notes (ha), and getting my clothes packed for Lima.   I'm excited about my trip but feeling a little anxious about leaving my guys behind.  It will be a great week though for all of us.  But before I leave we still have the weekend.  I'm going to be sure and do my best to make it a fun one for our little family before I go. 

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