Thursday, March 19, 2015

Our Visit From The IMB Media Team

We have spent some time this week hosting a group from the IMB that work in the media department.  They came to do a story on the agriculture work in Honduras and our partnership with it.  They also interviewed us for a possible article in AmericasStories.  In addition to those they were doing a segment on children to learn about life here.  It's been a fun few days for us and we enjoyed our time together with them.

Our group- Ben, Cruz, Jessica, John, me, David, Ann, Kelly, and Dan

Tuesday was spent at our home in Chiquimula.  They set up their equipment in our dining room and interviewed both of us.  It took about an hour each to do the interviews.  The afternoon was spent filming our family interacting and playing.  Thankfully my boys are used to videos and pictures being made of them so they thought nothing of it.  I, on the other hand, felt a little awkward and definitely prefer to be on the other end of the camera, ha. 

David getting ready for his interview

On Wednesday we traveled to the village of Lagunetas.  They wanted to see some of the agriculture projects the people there have been doing.  They also wanted to learn about our Bible study there and  how the agriculture work helped open the door to get it started.  We spent some time visiting a few farms and interviewing the project participants.  They were able to meet and interview the family that hosts us in their home for Bible study.  We also did a short Bible study for them to film and show.  Here are some photos from our day there-
The boys played soccer with Noe while we waited to get started that morning.

I snapped this photo of some locals walking by carrying wood to their homes.  I'm thankful that I do not have to gather wood and carry it long distances to my house in order to cook and provide for my family each day!

doing a little greeting for the camera

John filming Cruz in the tree.  If I can't find him while there I have learned to always look up.

my little monkey

some of the precious kids I get to teach there

hiking to visit a farm

of course my little guys had to stop and do a little rock climbing along the way

Dan being interviewed about some of the crops there

David and Noe talking about the Ag projects there

on the trail again

 beautiful scenery all around

 Stopping along the way to take a break.  It was a hot day but we did have some great breezes.

 a video of us hiking

 David translating an interview with some of the Ag students.

One of the team members took this photo of me while I did a short Bible study with the kids.  Most of the children that attend my Bible study were in school that morning so I had a small crowd but we still had a fun time.  This photo shows what I love doing best- sharing God's Word with the precious children here.  What an awesome privilege I have!

our road back down the mountain

 views along the way

Our time with the team ended on Wednesday afternoon and they will spend the rest of their week in Honduras with Dan and his team.  I cannot wait to see how they piece it all together and edit a week of photos and videos into a few short segments.  I don't remember much of what I said to them in interviews but I hope that my words will reflect my heart and passion for what we do here.  I'll be sure to share with you any footage that they pass along to us. 

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