Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Our Life Lately

It's starting to really warm up around here.  Last week was H-O-T!  We had a few days in a row where we reached 100 degrees.  So to combat the heat we decided to visit a nearby pool to cool off.  As you can see from the smiles below our boys were thrilled about that!!!
ready for a little splishing and splashing

ahhhh... what a refreshing afternoon we had!

We have begun working on some Easter crafts.  I recently took the hearts off of our tree from Valentine's and decided instead of taking the tree down, we would add eggs to it for Easter. On Sunday (the first of March) we started adding an egg a day with the name of someone that we would like to pray for.  We write their name on the egg and then pray for them throughout the day.  It's a great way to teach the boys to pray for others.

Ben painting some of the eggs

Here's our tree.  Ben chose our dear friend Reagan as our first person to pray for.  He loves "Mr. Ray".  We hope to fill it up over the next few weeks and pray for lots of precious people.

Cruz has two  projects to complete this week for school.  One of them is in his Habits and Hygiene class.  He has to make a poster and tell one thing that he does in the morning, afternoon, and night.  He said for his night activity that he likes to brush his teeth.  I am taking a photo of him doing his three things and we'll make a poster of it.  He'll have to give an oral presentation to his class about it at the end of the week.  His other project is also an oral presentation and is about urban communities. 

I've mentioned before that Cruz loves colored/ decorative socks.  He also loves to mix and match them.  Here are his feet after he got himself dressed this past Saturday morning.  When I asked him why he had on two different socks he said, "because I look cool like that".  He is all about looking cool these days. I am already having the "it's not about the outward appearance" talks with him.  Lord, help me. ha

Here's Ben helping David water the grass on Saturday morning.

The boys spent a lot of time that morning playing in their costumes (as you can tell by the way they are thrown all over the living room floor).  They love to dress up and pretend.

We spent some time mid-Saturday morning walking around downtown Chiquimula looking in several of the shops there.  It was a fun outing and the boys did well so before leaving we let them pick out an ice cream from one of the stores.  We sat out on the sidewalk and let them eat it.  They love ice cream!

and this was Ben's shirt by the time we returned to the car.  That would be grease that he got on his hands and decided to rub all over his clean shirt.  I struggle every single day to teach them to use napkins to clean their hands whether we are out and about or sitting around the table enjoying a meal.  They both always wipe their hands on their clothes.  It drives me nuts and is a habit I am trying to break. 

Saturday afternoon we went for another swim.

Then for supper we went out for some shrimp fried rice.  We love the Chinese restaurant in Chiquimula. 

We played a few rounds of Dominos on Saturday evening before the boys bedtime.  Cruz loves it.

Ben clowning around in his daddy's shoes. 

Once they were in bed we enjoyed watching back to back episodes of 48 Hours.  We love those type of shows and thanks to ustvnow.com we get to watch them.

Sunday morning David led Bible study in the village of Nearar.  We always pray over him before he leaves and then the boys like to watch him drive away and wave at him.
"bye Daddy"

Here they are riding their bikes on Sunday afternoon.

And we ended the weekend with some play time in the dirt pile and another ice cream treat.  What fun that is!

We have a pretty busy week going so far.  We'll be in the village of Lagunetas today, Tunuco Arriba on Wednesday, and Muyurco on Thursday.  Would you pray for traveling grace as we go up and down the mountain roads this week?  Pray for good visits and study times in the villages.   Have a great week everyone! 

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