Monday, March 16, 2015

It Was A Wet One

We had a wonderful laid back weekend.  It was full of food, fun, rest, and afternoon swims.  We started with a visit to the pool on Friday afternoon.  We have permission to use the pool at the hotel next door.  Our weekend temps were in the low 90's so getting to cool off in the afternoons felt great.

Those smiles let you know just how much they love it!

That night we joined some friends for supper at a local restaurant.

Saturday was a much needed lazy day.  The boys spent all morning playing while I did some cooking.  For our lunch I made poppy seed chicken, carrot souffle, English peas, corn, and we had leftover biscuits from our breakfast. Cooking is relaxing for me so anytime I get some alone time in the kitchen to cook or bake I am a happy mama.  We had eaten, cleaned the kitchen, and had the boys down for naps by 12:15.  Thankfully they both slept a while so that gave us some time to rest and just sit still for a bit.

When they got up it was back to the pool again.  When given a few options of things to go do that is what they chose. 

Here's Cruz showing me his "cool hair".

When we returned home we got the boys dressed in pajamas and then got things set up in the backyard for an outdoor movie night.  Here are their faces when they walked outside and realized what we were doing.  They squealed!

Cruz chose "Wizard of Oz" as our movie to watch. 

We ordered a pizza for our meal and ate it outside while watching the movie.  They thought that was really fun.  When we were all done eating we moved the trays and all four laid down on the blankets together and finished watching the movie.  It was a sweet time and I mentioned to David as we laid there "we're going to miss these days!".  Oh what precious years these are!!!

Sunday morning we were up early enjoying a French toast breakfast before heading out to the village of Lagunetas.  It had been several months since we taught there and we were looking forward to returning and getting our Bible study back up and going.  It went great and we left with plans to return soon and do it again.

me and Ben with some of our Bible study participants in Lagunetas

We returned home in time to heat up leftovers for lunch and let the boys nap.  Afterwards it was homework/ review time for Cruz.  He has exams this week at school (YES, 4 year olds here have homework, exams, and even report cards).  It's crazy.
David helping Cruz with his homework

Cruz practicing his writing.  Because he is in a bilingual school the words were all in English. 

mat, cat, bat...

He needed a good break when he was done so can you guess what we did?  Yep, went back for another swim. 
David and the boys on Sunday afternoon

fun times

and before we returned home for supper, baths, and bedtime we enjoyed a fudge pop while drying off.  Ice cream is a perfect way to end any day, right?  Especially hot ones like we've been having.

Our week ahead will consist of a media team visit on Tuesday and Wednesday and a Bible study in Muyurco on Thursday afternoon.  In addition to that Cruz will have school and soccer and I'll begin packing for my upcoming trip to Peru.  I leave next Monday.  Well, the clothes basket is calling my name so I better go get busy on some laundry.  The team is coming and after a carefree weekend I've got to get this house back in order. 

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