Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday 2015

David headed out to lead Bible study in the village of Nearar first thing Sunday morning.  The hike to get to the house where the Bible study is held is a little too extreme for the boys to walk alone and they are just too big to carry so we generally stay home.  Instead I unpacked all of their costumes and they spent the morning being super heroes.

You typically think of little girls playing dress up but my little guys are crazy about costumes, capes, hats, gloves, belts, and such.  It just makes their imaginations soar!

Ben put his cape on first and then his shirt on over it.  It looked more like a tail hanging down than a cape.

Here's Super Pirate Spiderman

And here's a cowboy doctor

For lunch I cooked chicken & rice, green beans, corn, and biscuits.  Home cooked meals are always enjoyed more after a few days of travel.

That afternoon we got ready to watch the big game.  I had started my morning with a conversation that went something like this "David, what teams are playing in the game tonight and what are their colors?"  He answered and then I replied "So, which of those two teams are we pulling for?"  He chose Seattle so we dressed in blue and green.  That's pretty much my Super Bowl tradition, ha.

Our little family on Super Bowl Sunday ready to cheer on the Seahawks.

 And just for fun here we are last cheer cheering on the Broncos.

I printed off a few coloring sheets for the boys to color as the game began.  Normally I might would have decorated but after a long week with the team I just wasn't up for it.  These coloring sheets were our only decorations, but they were cute.

We taped them to our entertainment center during the game.

We had hot dogs, chips, and chocolate chip cookies for our meal.  We generally eat all of our meals at the table with no television turned on.  I am a little demanding about that.  But this particular night we all ate in the living room around the t.v. and watched the game while we ate.  It was something different and the boys thought it was fun. 

One of my boys favorite movies is Madagascar 3.  They love all the Madagascar movies but #3 is their favorite because the animals join the circus (and you know that my guys are CRAZY about the circus).  During that movie they play the Katy Perry song "Firework" and Cruz loves it.  So, you can imagine his surprise when she sang it for the half time show.  He jumped around, danced, and just smiled ear to ear.  We just sat back and laughed.

Here's a video of him watching the half time show.

When they weren't watching the game they played in their room.  This is what their room looked like when I went in to get them ready for bed-
Yikes!  For someone who likes things to be neat, orderly, and in it's place this sight made me break out in a sweat. ha  We got it all cleaned up before bedtime.  They can mess their room up all day long if they want but before we go to bed I have them pick it all up and put it away.  I just think we sleep better in a neat environment or at least I know I do so I'm teaching my boys to help make that happen.  It won't harm them and it helps burn off that last bit of restless energy.

Overall it was a pretty fun day.  We enjoyed getting to watch the game and follow everyone's comments about it on facebook.  It almost made us feel like we were back at home. 

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  1. Cruz sure can bust a move when he wants to. He was too shy to dance much for us. Derek definitely tried with the chicken dance! Love you guys.


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