Friday, February 20, 2015

Our Week

I mentioned in my last post that the boys were sick.  They are doing much better now but are still on antibiotics and taking breathing treatments.  Just when we seem to be getting them well guess what happens?  Yes, we both get sick.  UGH!  We can't catch a break these days.
As you can see by these photos one thinks the breathing treatments are cool and the other thinks it torture.

On Tuesday we made a morning visit to the village of Chanco.   We have a youth team coming down in March to work there and we needed to meet with the school director about some plans for them.  We arrived just as they were beginning their Carnaval celebrations.  We ended up spending a while at the school taking part in the program.   I mentioned a few posts ago about Cruz having to take 30 empty, clean egg shells to school.  I found out later that they were for his Carnaval celebration at his school (they celebrated last Friday along with Valentine's Day).  They took those egg shells and painted them.  They stuffed them with confetti and then sealed them by gluing a piece of crepe paper over the hole.  As part of their celebration they crack those shells over each others heads and let the confetti fall out.  It's for good luck, I think. 

Ben LOVED getting to crack the eggs with the kids in Chanco

Here he is breaking one over my head.

This is what the eggs look like.  (I found this photo on Wikipedia)

When it was time to have their costume contest they gave Ben a mask to wear. 

David and I were asked to help judge the costume contest.  We had to pick the top four.  We gave first place to the Hawaiian dressed girl on the end.

This photo made me smile.  It was several older boys sitting up on the hill watching the contest down below.

They recognized the boy and girl "King" and "Queen".  Here is La Nina Carnaval 2015.

Here is El Nino Carnaval 2015.  They both had to give a greeting to the crowd.

That afternoon we did a little homework.  Ben likes to be a part of it so I usually give him something to do while I work with Cruz.  I feel like this is a small glimpse into my future of homeschooling by having both boys sitting around the table learning.  I'm already praying for the patience I'll need to teach them. ha
This week at school he studied the vowel "E" and the number "2".

That night for supper we had lasagna and I made a pan of homemade yeast rolls.  My little guys love bread.

After supper instead of our normal bath time routine we told the boys to run put their shoes on and jump in the car that we had a surprise for them.  We drove down the road to a small fair that is in town and let them ride a few rides.  It was a really fun outing for all of us!

David and the boys at the fair.  NO, we did not ride that big ferris wheel even though Cruz begged us to let him.  I just didn't trust it enough to let them get on.  It was tall!

They did ride this mini roller coaster a few times and it was their favorite.

I love two things about this picture 1) their faces and 2) that Cruz has his arm around his little brother to hold on to him.

I rode a few of the bigger rides with them. 

What a fun night we had!

We finally got Cruz's school uniform this week.  It looks nice except he's growing and all of his jeans are now getting too short.  ha
my little school boy
While Cruz was at school on Wednesday morning I did a little art project in our bedroom.  I would have never been able to do it if he had been home.  I wanted to paint our initials over our bed.  I did the letters online and then used our movie projector to shine it onto our wall.  I traced them out with a pencil and used some paint that we already had to paint them.  I think it turned out great and I feel proud every time I look at it.  It took me about two hours start to finish and was a fun, relaxing project.  I'm now looking around our house trying to find a place to paint something else.  I have an idea for our kitchen that I might try soon.

our bedroom

Here are the boys laying in our yard on Wednesday evening after we took a little walk outside.  They ran home ahead of us and this is what they were doing when we caught up. 

Here's Cruz dressed for P.E. on Thursday morning.  It's his favorite part of school.  When I told him to go put on his tennis shoes he put on his daddy's shoes instead. 

When we picked him up from school on Thursday we began a road trip that included a night in Guatemala City.  That evening we ate supper at one of our favorite places in town- TGI Friday's.  It's always been our favorite and probably always will be.  It just reminds us of home.
our family at Friday's 

I think what the boys like most is the ice cream that comes with our meal. 

Today we travel on to Panajachel to attend a weekend missions conference for all English speaking missionaries serving full time in Guatemala.  It's an annual conference and is always a lot of fun.  They have teams coming down to work with the kids while we attend worship (in English), break out sessions, and have some "free time" just to chill.  We are looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and hopefully meeting lots of new ones as well.  And, getting to enjoy views of this beautiful lake won't be too bad either-
ahhh, I can't wait to get there!
Have a great weekend everyone!

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