Monday, January 26, 2015

Our Weekend In Pictures

So how was your weekend?  Great, we hope.  It was our first weekend to be living in our new place and it was fun.  If you read our blog much you'll know that it was our normal habit to drive into town on Friday nights for supper.  Well now that we live closer to town I am not sure if we will keep that same habit or not.  This weekend we did not.  We started off our weekend instead with an afternoon trip to the grocery store to pick up some supplies for our upcoming medical team.

We had some good "help" picking up our team supplies

We then came back home and while David got everything unloaded and sorted away I took the kids for a walk and some playtime outside.  The boys loved seeing our shadows on the road.  Cruz said "we look BIG mama". ha
We stopped by the playland that is shared with our neighborhood and let the boys play.  We have made daily trips there so far since moving and my boys have played for hours there.  They have already made friends with two other boys that you can see here.  They are 10 and 7 and attend the same school where Cruz will be going. 

David came to join us and brought the boys an old fishing pole to play with.    They pretended to catch lots of fish and sharks off of the playhouse.
We ate supper at home and after the boys bath time we played a few rounds of Dominos.  I LOVE games and have looked forward to our boys getting big enough to start having game nights.  Cruz is getting there and it's fun.  Notice my temporary "curtains" in the background.  I have white sheets hanging on the ends and an old shower curtain hanging in the middle (hooks and all, ha).   One of my regrets is never learning how to sew.  Oh how I wish I had that talent so I could make a few things for our house.  sigh.

He may be young but that boy was pretty good at Dominos!  He did NOT want us to help him and amazed me how he could play each turn.  He even won a round.  He loved it.

Here's what Ben did most of the time while we played- he sat on the couch and watched cartoons.

Saturday morning while I cooked our normal biscuit breakfast Cruz got out another game and had his daddy and brother play with him.

After eating we headed to our backyard to play.  Did I say backyard???  Well, yes I did.  Look what we now have!  It's a yard...with grass!!!  Oh y'all, it's the little things that have me smiling the biggest these days. 
Empty boxes have provided my boys with lots of entertainment lately too.  Here's Cruz blasting off in his "rocketship".

It was then out front for some bicycle time.  Here's David racing the boys to the end of the road and back.  Notice the construction workers off to the side stopping to watch (and laugh). 
 on your mark, get set, go! 
We had contacted a company about home internet service and they came by on Thursday to share with us their plan options.  We told them what we wanted and they said they would be back on Saturday at 11:00.  Normally you do not give much thought to what people tell you here because they rarely keep their word (for whatever reason).  So we hoped that they would show up sometime on Saturday to install our internet but didn't expect them until later that day.  Much to our surprise, they arrived at 10:50- ten minutes early.  ha We were impressed!  It took them a little over an hour to get it installed and we now have home service again.  The break from internet was really nice but I am glad to be back connected again.
While David was busy with the internet guys I took the boys to play in the construction dirt.  They took a few trucks and played for two hours.  They had a blast and I just sat still in a chair nearby and watched them. (which made it a blast for me too, ha) 

At one point they took turns burying each other in the sand.  They were filthy by the time we returned home so I showered them off and changed their clothes before lunchtime.

Here they are "reading" books in their room while I prepared their lunch.

After their naptime we headed back to the playground.  David had hung their knotted rope and new handles that they got for Christmas on the swing area for all the kids to enjoy.


They even found a few trees to climb.  So far my boys love living here.  They have so much to explore and keep them busy.

Here's Ben picking grass and filling his dump truck with it.

Our Saturday evening sunset view.   Just beautiful!
For supper I cooked a meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans.  We ate and then I surprised the boys with ring pops before we took an evening walk around the block.  While out walking Cruz told me "mama, I just love our evening walks!".  I told him that I did too.  It's becoming a fun bonding time for our family.

my little guys love ring pops!

We took this picture on Sunday morning before going to church.   David had planned to teach in the village of Nearar but they called about 6:30 that morning saying they needed to cancel.  Instead we took the opportunity to visit a local Baptist church in Chiquimula.   We are hoping to get to become a part of a local Guatemalan Baptist church now that we live in town and attend when we are not out in the mountains teaching.  It will be good for our family and our boys.  It sure was fun to get to "go to church" as a family and be a part of a worship service.

Rivers of Living Water Baptist Church

The kids got to go to their own Sunday school class and children's church.  They LOVED it.  During the worship service the little ones came out and shared about their Sunday school lesson, recited their memory verse, and sang a song.  You know I was smiling big to see my little ones up there.  On a funny note, when Cruz woke up from his nap on Saturday afternoon he told us that he had a dream and God told him to change his name to Josue.  Well, when we went to pick him up after church everyone was calling him Josue because that's what he told them his name was.  He also told them he was five years old.  That boy is a mess!

Here's a video of part of their song.

Afterwards we went out for Sunday lunch at McDonald's.  That was fun!
Later that day we welcomed a volunteer medical team from First Baptist Church, Mount Pleasant, SC.  Here's a team photo after supper on Sunday night.  We are excited about the week ahead getting to work alongside them doing a medical clinic in the village of Chanco.  Would you be in prayer for us this week as we minister there?  Pray specifically that the love of Christ would shine brightly through each of us in all we say and do. 
Happy Monday everyone!  Let's make it count for the Kingdom.

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