Friday, January 9, 2015

New Beginnings, Old Friends, and A Little Silliness To Top It All Off

Our week got started with a Monday morning trip into town to run some errands.  We spent over an hour in the bank.  Well, David spent over an hour in the bank and I spent over an hour in the car trying to entertain two restless boys.  Not fun- not fun at all!  We've been asking around for a while about schools in Chiquimula and everyone we have asked (Americans and Guatemalans) have recommended one particular school.  It's good to know that our search got narrowed down really quickly and it kept us from running all over town trying to investigate ourselves.  We made a visit to that school and from just looking at the facilities I was very impressed.  We picked up the registration information, asked a few questions, and left to think over our decision.  It is a bilingual school and we are certain that we will start Cruz there to try it out.  The only problem is the class schedules.  The hours for Cruz's class will be 7:15 a.m. until 12:30 p.m.  The hours for Ben's class will be 8:00 until 11:15.  There is no way I can be running back and forth taking them and picking them up so I think at this time we are only going to register Cruz.  We hope to do that next week.  We picked up a few grocery items, grabbed a pizza for lunch, and returned home.

On Tuesday David led his first Bible study in the village of Muyurco.  A visitor to his Bible study in Nearar invited him to come and have a service in his home.  It went very well and we feel certain that it could turn into an ongoing regular Bible study time.  Would you pray for this new village we will begin targeting?  Pray for this family that has opened their home to us and the other two families that are interested in studying with them.

some of the sweet smiling faces from the village of Muyurco

This is the man that invited David to his home.  Would you pray specifically for him?

His finger was cut off with a machete so he uses a PVC pipe to play the guitar.  That's cool. ha  He played a few songs before David taught.
On Wednesday morning we had a visit from one of the Honduran Ag workers, Noe, and his wife Blanca.  He came to discuss the work with us and we made plans to visit several Guatemala villages together during the month of February. 

David, me, Blanca, and Noe
That evening we attended a birthday party in Jocotan for two of Cruz's former classmates at El Olam.  Carlos and Diana are brother and sister who will be turning 6 and 5 this month.  They had a joint party that was Spiderman and Disney princess themed.  It was a really nice party and my boys had a blast!
some of the decorations

my boys playing with Carlos and Diana

They had a clown there that did a wonderful program for the kids (and adults).  Before he got started he made balloon swords for all the boys and balloon poodles for all the girls.  My boys loved sword fighting with all the other kids.

The clown did several games.  Here he called up three boys for a competition.  Cruz eagerly jumped up and was the first one in line.  He ended up winning and we were very proud of him.

Here's the birthday boy and girl with one of the pinatas- a spiderman.   The other one was Snow White for the girls.

My boys love birthday parties because they know they are going to get lots of candy and cake.

On Thursday morning David needed to make a visit to the village of Chanco to make sure everything was still lined up for our upcoming medical team.  Before he left Ben asked him, "can I go to work with you Daddy?".  So he took Ben with him to the village. 
Ben and David
That evening we made a last minute decision to go eat supper at a local restaurant in Jocotan.  It's kind of a rural place so it's never crowded and the food is cheap and delicious.  I always get a grilled beef plate and the boys eat typical egg plates.  We like it, a lot. 
me and my boys at Casa Enoya in Jocotan 
As I am sure most toddlers and preschoolers do, my boys got restless while waiting on the food so David had the bright idea to take pictures while making funny faces.  It was a brilliant idea and we all laughed until we cried looking at each other on the camera.  These days you do what you gotta do to keep some sanity in your life even if that means acting silly and crazy at mealtime, ha.
me and my silly boys

As you can see David really got into it and the boys loved it!
Hooray for Friday!  Anybody else excited about the weekend?  I am not quite sure what all we will end up getting ourselves into but whatever it is I hope we have fun doing it.  We have Bible study in Nearar on Sunday morning and would appreciate your prayers for that.  It's our last weekend at our house before we start to move.  I am a little sad about that but excited about the future at the same time.  I'm certain my weekend will include a little more packing.  ugh.  Have a great one everyone! 

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