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It's been two weeks since I have updated our blog.  So much has happened in those two weeks that I don't even know where to start giving an update.  First of all I haven't taken many photos at all (can you believe that, ha).  Packing and preparing to move and then moving and unpacking can take it's toll quick on an already tired mama.  Most days I didn't even know where my camera was even if I wanted to take a picture.
We registered Cruz for school, ordered his uniforms, bought his (very expensive) books, and have purchased most all of his arm long list of school supplies.  The school year here began on the 16th of January but he will not be starting until the first Monday in February.  I thought it would be best to wait until we got moved and settled before he began.  He is very eager to go and asks almost daily if it is school time yet.  I hope he loves it as much as he thinks he will.  We did all of that without one single photo, yikes. 
Speaking of the move we signed our contract on the 15th and then spent the next 2.5 days cleaning our new place.  It was a dusty mess!  I scrubbed and mopped and scrubbed and mopped until I thought my arms would fall off. 
This is our new street.  There is a lot of construction going on around us as you can see from the house on the corner.  The construction is the reason for most all of the dust.
While we cleaned the boys had a blast playing outside in the construction stuff.  They love this big rock pile and also a sand pile at the end of our road.  Since moving they have played for hours with their trucks outside. 

One night while working at the new house we put them on a movie in their soon to be new room and they sat still and watched it.  Don't you love our set-up, ha.  And those yellow walls that I mentioned not being so crazy about in a previous post?  Well, since moving in with all of our stuff I have actually started to like them and think they look pretty good. 

And this is proof that I have a great husband.  He's a hard worker and is more OCD than I am about keeping things neat, clean, and orderly.  He's a keeper!  ha  Do you notice the dusty floors in this picture?  I bet we mopped them four times before we moved in, and because they are so dark I've had to mop them daily ever since.  They are pretty and I love them but keeping them clean is going to drive me nuts.  This is my dining room area and my table is now sitting where David is standing in this picture.

It was three years ago this week that this big truck pulled into our yard in Sayaxche, Guatemala.  Several workers were there to load all of our things and then we all traveled seven hours to our new home in Camotan, Guatemala.
The workers unloading our things into our Camotan house January 2012.

Then this past Sunday that same truck returned to load our things again and travel them to our new house near Chiquimula, Guatemala.  It doesn't seem like we have been in this part of the country for three years already.  The last time we moved I was six months pregnant with Ben and Cruz was 20 months old!  My babies are growing up fast.
And here's all of our things loaded and on their way to town.  I worried all the way as we followed behind that something would fall out.

The workers arrived at our house at 7:15 a.m. and began loading our things.  We had it all moved and unloaded before noon that day.  What a blessing that was! But, then the hard part of getting everything unpacked and arranged began.  We worked hard for the next several days getting it done.

Here are the boys riding their bikes that evening.  One of the things I worried about with us moving was them having sufficient play space.  So far I have not been disappointed.  Already they have spent hours riding their bikes up and down the road and around the block.  There is very little traffic where we are so it's a great place for them to ride.  We have also taken daily walks around the neighborhood and sometimes several times a day and even at night with the boys holding flashlights.  It seems to be a very family friendly place.

more bike riding 
You can see a basketball court at the end of this street.  They love to go there and play also. 

First breakfast at our new house.  I made blueberry muffins and scrambled eggs. 

You can imagine my surprise when I opened the kitchen windows one morning and saw four peacocks outside.  During our years here we have seen cows, chickens, ducks, pigs, and dogs in our yard but never peacocks.  ha  The boys loved watching them walk around.

And this is the only other photo I took while moving.  It's Cruz one afternoon watching Scooby Doo while Ben napped.  He found these earphones in a box we had stored and has loved getting to use them with his portable DVD player.  I like the quietness they provide the most. 
Overall it has been a very smooth move.  In less than a week we have our whole house up and running.  Most everything is unpacked or stored away.  The only thing I am lacking is curtains and I plan to look for material on our next trip into Guatemala City.  We have been blessed with an easy transition so far and consider that an answer to prayer.  I'll post more photos in the days ahead. 

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