Thursday, January 29, 2015

It's Been A Love-ly Week So Far

I ended my last post with a photo of the mission team that arrived on Sunday to do medical work in the village of Chanco this week.  It's been a busy but great week of partnering together with them and sharing Christ there.  We have a few more days of being together before they return to the States but here are some photos of our week so far.

Monday was the first day of the clinic.  If you've ever been on a medical trip you'll know that the first day can be a little hectic getting everything set up and going.  Because of that the boys and I stayed home that day while they got the kinks worked out.  David left early that morning to join up with the team and spent the day working with them.

The boys and I spent the day at home mostly playing.  I took them back to the sand pile and they played for most of the morning.  Below is a photo of Cruz pretending to be a skier.
He would slide down the hill and then try to do it over and over again.
We worked on some Valentine's crafts to decorate their bedroom door.  I used the idea from our Thankful Tree back in November and decided to do another tree and add hearts saying things they love.  We started writing on our hearts on the 14th of January and plan to continue through Valentine's.  I let them help me add what we've done so far to their door.

 Things my boys love.  So far their answers have been simple but fun. 
 I cut some yarn and let them glue it onto a heart.  They worked on this while I fixed our lunch.
That evening after supper David needed to run to the store to pick up a few things the team needed.  The boys and I rode with him and afterwards we stopped by a local ice cream shop, Sarita's, for some ice cream.  It was a fun, spontaneous way to end our day. 
our late night ice cream outing
Tuesday morning we were up and out early so we could get to the village on time to help start the clinic.  The boys and I were very excited to be going with David!

The clinic was held in this community building.  It was high on top of a hill and it was very cool and windy there.  We wore jackets all day long.

The boys have loved everything about being at the clinic but their very favorite thing of all has been the dental clinic area.  They LOVE all the cool tools they brought down to use and have enjoyed checking them out.  They would just sit and watch with amazement everything the dentists would do.  It definitely entertained them well.  When they weren't outside playing they could be found in the dental area.

All of the team members have been extra kind and sweet to our boys.  My boys have thoroughly enjoyed the attention they have been shown this week so far from them.  One of the team members, Dr. Hook (a dentist), blew up some medical gloves and tied them like balloons.  He then drew faces and gave them to the boys to play with.

Cruz, Ben, and Dr. Hook (he is a former IMB missionary to Barbados)

David spent his week working in the pharmacy.  He has always enjoyed doing that.

Three of the sweet pharmacy ladies.

part of the dental team

The boys were hungry early on Tuesday so we had our picnic lunch in the car.  Here they are enjoying their PBJ's.  
They decided to wear their scrubs to the village on Wednesday to be like the other doctors.  I thought they looked precious that day. 
my little trainees

Here they are playing in the village.  Each day they both got to pick a truck to take and play with while there.  They also enjoyed playing with and throwing rocks, climbing up and down the hills, and playing with sticks.  A few of the team members made them swords out of sticks and they loved them.  It was a big outdoor playground that any little boy would love. ha

Another fun day to "help" Dr. Hook

This is my favorite photo of all.  Cruz is pretending to pull one of Dr. Hook's teeth.  ha  So fun!

more play time

David in the pharmacy

The dental team pulled lots of teeth this week.

This guy, Derek, has been Cruz's favorite of all.  He has loved on Cruz since they arrived. I feel certain that Cruz has driven him crazy this week but he has not seemed to mind it one bit.  He calls Cruz "lemon hair" and Cruz just cackles out loud.  It has been fun watching them play together.

Ben and Miguel, one of our translators
So far my little guys have had a wonderful time getting to be a part of this team.  They have been troopers spending the whole day in the village.  The clinic would go from about 9:00 until 4:00.  I would put them down for naps after lunch and then they would be back out playing until time to leave.  They did great and I was very proud of both of them.
We finished up the clinic in the village on Wednesday afternoon.  The team will spend the morning sorting and packing everything up for storage and then we'll all head into Guatemala City this afternoon.  We'll spend some time there together before the team returns to the States on Saturday.   I'll update about the rest of our time together as well as our weekend activities in my next post.  Thanks for praying for the team this week.  We felt your prayers and the Lord blessed!

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