Monday, December 15, 2014

The Weekend

Good Monday morning everyone!  Hope your weekend was fun-filled.  Here are some photos of how we spent ours.

For lunch on Friday I made the boys these fun little gingerbread men PBJ sandwiches. I used a cookie cutter to cut out the bread and then mini M&M's for the eyes and buttons.  I squirted a little jelly for the mouth.  Simple, fun, and delicious!  They LOVED it!

If you'll remember from my Friday post I mentioned that the boys elf treat for the day was ice cream.  On Friday night we drove into town for supper and afterwards they both got an ice cream cone to enjoy.  We ate at McDonald's in Chiquimula.  They had a choice between a sundae and a cone and they both chose cones.  It was messy, messy, messy, but they sure enjoyed it!

Cruz, Ben, and Jingles

Another missionary family serving in this area joined us.  Our kids always enjoy playing together.  Here are Ben, Gavin, Cruz, and Owen all enjoying their ice cream.

After eating we went back to the Remings house to shoot some fireworks.  Here are Ben and Aaron about to light a Roman candle. 

Most of Saturday was cloudy, cool, and a little drizzly.  We spent the day at home.  We colored, played with playdough, played Uno (which I have discovered is a great way to review colors and numbers with Cruz), and watched movies.  I cooked a meatloaf, homemade cheesy mashed potatoes, and green beans for lunch.  We ate and then the boys hibernated for most of the afternoon, ha. 

When they got up we made a last minute decision to go back into town to visit the Christmas light display at the Central Park in Chiquimula. 

We stopped by the Chinese restaurant for some supper before going to see the lights.  We usually order shrimp fried rice.  The boys will eat it but generally they don't eat enough to fill up.  This time I decided to take them a sandwich and some chips to go with it.  Here's Ben eating his supper while watching cartoons on the television nearby.

My little guys by the Christmas tree at the Chinese restaurant in Chiquimula

Here's the huge Christmas tree on display in Chiquimula. The lights change colors and it's just beautiful!

They blocked off the street in front of the Municipal building and put lights all up and down it.  It's very pretty!

another view of the tree turning from red to green

My boys most enjoyed running around in the park and going up and down the steps to this pavilion.  They definitely burned off some energy that night!

me and my little guys in the Central Park of Chiquimula

The boys elf treat for Sunday was these red Christmas shaped Jello jigglers.

having some fun with crayons

David taught Bible study in the village of Nearar on Sunday morning.  That evening we took the boys to see lights in nearby Jocotan. 

They like this nativity scene.  Cruz was pretending to be a soldier and protecting Mary and Joseph.

Ben snapped this picture of us.

I'll leave you with a few photos of the boys in the tub on Sunday night.  They love bathing but it can get very LOUD and MESSY! 
my little muscle man (he loves to show me how strong he is)

silly boys

oh how I love these two!

Afterwards we watched Veggie Tales "The Toy That Saved Christmas" before putting these two rowdy ones to bed.  Can you believe it's only ten days left until Christmas?  The season is passing by so quickly.  It will be over before you know it so enjoy it while you can.  We are certainly trying to do just that!

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