Monday, December 8, 2014

The Weekend

I'm thinking we might just let our elf Jingles be like a Flat Stanley and just travel him around with us during the Christmas season.  ha    He went on his first outing with us Friday night when we went into town to eat supper.  The boys were so excited he was going.  That morning he had left them some tokens to use at the mall arcade.  They love the rides and games there so that made them very happy.  He also left a Christmas movie for them to watch in the car on the way there and back.  To me Jingles is like having a third child (because he requires so much of my time and energy) but he sure is bringing lots of smiles to my boys faces.

Cruz, Ben, and Jingles watching Ice Age Christmas on the way to town Friday night.

The boys played, ate supper, and then played some more.  Here they are on "the big horse" riding with Jingles.

We ate cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets for supper. What did we do while they did all of that playing?  We sat back, caught our breath, talked, and shared this yummy delicious peanut butter crepe for dessert.   It was a peaceful few moments and was almost like being on a mini date. 

Here are the boys (and Jingles) on one of the rides at the mall.

Saturday morning began with a little scavenger hunt to find Jingles and their surprise for the day.  The first note was taped to the kitchen door and then it sent them all over the house searching for more clues. 
finding a clue in the toy box

finding a clue under a dining room chair

and after lots of hunting they finally found Jingles- in the bathtub.

Here's their surprise for the day- a stuffed dog (also named Jingles), two books, and a movie about him.   Now, before you go thinking "where in the world did she get all of these things that Jingles leaves each day" let me just add that most all of it was brought back from the States.  Many of them were purchased for the boys last year and I put them up to use here because they got so much other new stuff while in the States.    They have loved playing with that dog and  you would think he was real the way they take care of him.

Later that morning we took family pics for Christmas.  

my boys

And believe it or not those are the last photos I took the whole weekend!  We had some errands to do in town on Saturday morning so we loaded back up and drove to town.  We ate a pizza lunch while there and returned in time for afternoon naps  (much needed I might add).  The annual town fair was taking place this weekend here in Camotan and it was LOUD!  Fireworks began at 3:30 a.m. on Friday morning letting the folks know it was starting and I think they didn't stop shooting them until the wee hours of today.  I, for one, am very glad to see it end!  We got very little sleep over the weekend and I made note in my calendar for next year to maybe take a little weekend getaway during the first weekend in December.   ha

We watched the SEC championship game on Saturday afternoon and then I made a pot of chili for supper.  

We had Bible study on Sunday and then spent the rest of the day watching Christmas movies, Home Alone 2 and Elf.  It was fun snuggling on the couch with the tree lights shining.  

I don't have photos from the village but I'll leave you with this one from our trip to Chanco last week.  It's me and my boys on a rocky trail that we hiked to make a visit with a family that lives there. 
These two make my life fun.  Whether it's hunting for a silly elf, teaching about the birth of Jesus, or just watching a holiday movie together I am never not thankful for the opportunity to just be their mom.  I knew I'd like it but I had no idea just how much I'd love it!

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