Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Little Pre-Christmas Fun

Christmas Eve Eve was a pretty fun-filled day around our house.  I had a lot of fun things planned for the boys to do to keep them busy all day long.  It started with their daily hunt to find Jingles that morning. 

He was "hiding" on my bed and had several fun items for the boys to enjoy.  He left a cookie mix and cutters to make Christmas cookies, he left a book "A Charlie Brown Christmas" to read and instructions about watching the movie outdoors later that evening.  He also left popcorn to pop for the movie.  My little guys were hyped up about the day, REALLY hyped up, ha.

First up was breakfast and I made these fun Mr. Grinch fruit sticks to go with what we were having.

We then got busy baking our cookies.  Let me just stop and add that baking cookies with little ones is fun, BUT oh my is it nerve racking!!!  I needed a nap after that was over for sure. ha

our gingerbread man sugar cookies

Our Christmas tree sugar cookies

Cruz chose to cut out the gingerbread men and Ben cut out the trees.  They both helped me decorate them.

I had seen the idea of making race cars out of cardboard boxes for "drive-in" outdoor movies.  I've been planning to do that for a while now.  Mid- morning I let them paint some paper plates to make their tail lights, wheels, and steering wheel.  I used red and green colors for Christmas.

my little guys always enjoy painting

When they got up from their afternoon naps we assembled their "cars" and they played in them for the longest time.  Lots of giggles came from those little cardboard boxes!

zoom, zoom, zoom

I just love the tags.  Aren't they cute?

To go with our Charlie Brown themed day I got out their Charlie Brown tree that their Memaw bought them a few years ago and put it on display in the kitchen.  It was a fun surprise for them after reading the book about the poor little tree.

Here's David setting up the movie equipment for our movie night.  Notice the beautiful sunset overhead.

It was a gorgeous evening!!!

We had hot dogs and chips for supper and then started the movie.  We popped our popcorn and had a fun little time.

my little guys watching the movie

It wasn't long before Ben moved his car over and sat closer to his brother.  I thought it was sweet!

We had bathed them and put their pj's on before the movie started so once it was over they were ready to go straight to bed.  Once they were asleep I did a little decorating in the kitchen for them to find the next morning.
I hung a few streamers and balloons from the ceiling fans and sat out Jingles with his Christmas Eve surprise (items to make our "Happy Birthday, Jesus" cake).

It's now Christmas Eve and we're ready to let the party begin.  What an honor to get to celebrate the birth of a King, our Savior, which is Christ the Lord.  

Merry Christmas everyone from our little family to yours. 

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