Monday, November 17, 2014

The Weekend

We didn't have a whole lot of activity over the weekend but I still managed to snap a couple photos of the few things we did.  We headed to town on Friday night for our weekly night out.  Cruz chose to eat at the Burger, Pizza, Diner so we went there and enjoyed pepperoni pizza and cheese fries.  I didn't take a photo while out but I did snap this next one before the boys went to bed that night.
My sweet boys.  They are growing up way too fast for this mama's heart!

After our normal Saturday biscuit breakfast we got dressed and drove up the mountain to the village of Chanco.  We needed to make a few follow-up visits from our recent team we hosted. 
"Hello... anybody home? "

One of those visits was with a lady named Teresa.  We had a great visit in her home.  She was very warm and welcoming to us and seemed genuinely glad that we came to see her.  She enjoyed interacting with the boys and showing them all of her many animals.  She served us a TALL glass of oatmeal drink and gave us some pupusas (black bean stuffed corn tortillas) to take home.  I think we made a friend, ha. 

There are three little girls living in her home.  Two are hers and one is her niece.  We asked if we could return and do a children's Bible study in her home and she was very open to that idea.  She asked if she could invite some other children and of course we said YES.  We made plans to do that this Thursday morning.  We are very excited about this opportunity and are praying that it turns into something long term.  Would you join us in praying?  Pray for us as we prepare and for the hearts of the children that will be there to listen.  We are not expecting a big crowd but will be happy to just get an open door to start.  We'll let you know how it goes.

 me, Ben, Teresa, and two of the girls

 the mountain road to the village of Chanco

 and the amazing view along the way

After lunch and naptime David and the boys had a little fun putting our tent together for the boys to play in.  

I think it might have been more fun for the boys than David, ha

doing the final touches

and off they go

They played for hours and it was just what we needed so we could have some "free time" to enjoy a little football.  We spent our afternoon watching the MSU vs. Alabama game.  Of course we were pulling for our Mississippi team and were very sad to see them get their first loss of the season.

Sunday morning David headed out to the village of Nearar to lead Bible study and the boys kept me well entertained at home.  
Here they are "playing their guitars" and giving me a concert while jumping on the bed.  I should have videoed it.  They had me laughing out loud.  Notice Cruz has a plastic gallon size bag on his head.  I don't even ask "why" anymore, ha.  Ben had one too but his kept falling off.  These boys are a hoot!

We got a jumpstart on a few Christmas crafts.  I cannot believe it's almost Christmas time!!! Here they are painting some trees.  We also colored some ornaments and lights to glue on there.  It got up to 90 degrees on Sunday afternoon so it sure doesn't feel like Christmas time. 

I had made plans to bake a peach cobbler but when I got all of my ingredients out I realized that I was out of peaches.  Doesn't it just drive you crazy when that happens!!!  I had opened the last can last week for the boys snack.  ugh.  So upon Cruz's request I made a pumpkin pie instead.  He LOVES me to make pumpkin pie!  He could not wait for it to bake and cool so I could cut him a big slice.

my pumpkin pie

I think he would eat the whole thing in one day if I would let him.

We also spent some time watching the boys new favorite cartoon- Masha and the Bear.  Have you seen it?  It's really cute.  My little guys love it!

And of course no day would be complete without a circus act or two.  Here's a short video of Cruz doing his newest act- flipping on our swing.  He usually lands back on the swing and keeps going.  My heart just stops at the very sight of him doing this...

So here we are back to Monday.  I hope yours is getting off to a great start.  We'll be making a trip up to Tunuco Arriba this week to check on the road conditions.  We'll also be doing a good bit of studying this week to prepare our lessons.  We'll be leading Bible study in Chanco on Thursday morning.  We'll be leading Bible study in Lagunetas on Saturday morning, and then in Nearar on Sunday.   Three studies in one week- how exciting is that!  We'll be coveting your prayers for each one of these this week. 

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