Monday, November 24, 2014

I'll Look Back And Smile On These One Day

Good Monday morning everyone! I hope each of you had a wonderful weekend. Here's a recap of how we spent ours.  These weekend review posts can get a little long but I want to remember the little details of our lives that we can so easily forget. 

Fridays are probably my favorite days.  I think it's because of the ending of the week and the anticipation of the weekend ahead.  It's also the one day of the week that we drive into town and eat out as a family.  I look forward to it all week long and am just more relaxed that day knowing I don't have to cook or clean that evening.  One advantage of living out rural is that trips into town are always a big deal.  We all get excited.
We had a few errands to run before we ate supper.  Here are the boys and I hanging outside the hardware store while David was shopping.  These two are a hoot!

Here's Ben entertaining all the locals with his dance moves.  My little guys love to dance!

We split up when we went into the grocery store.  I took Cruz and David took Ben.  Here's Cruz getting to enjoy a ride while I picked out some produce.  They have this inside the store right next to the produce section.  I think they did it on purpose, ha. 

After completing our errands we drove over to the Pizza Burger Diner for supper.  That was two Friday nights in a row to eat there but we like it.  Notice Ben using a highchair to help him reach the swing.  I just know that the workers there think my two boys are the wildest two to ever pass through their doors. 

Cruz rarely asks for anything special when we eat out but this particular week he asked for a frozen lemonade drink.  We got it for him and he squealed.  They both enjoyed it.

playing on the carousel at the restaurant

We enjoyed our normal Saturday biscuit breakfast and while I was cleaning the kitchen I looked out and saw this.  The boys were sitting down and Cruz was "reading" a book to Ben.  What a precious sight!

We then got dressed and headed up the mountain to lead our Bible studies in the village of Lagunetas.  I am always amazed to see the things that the village kids come up with to entertain themselves.  When we arrived we saw them out on the soccer field playing. 

They had made these two wooden things and were pushing each other around on them.  How creative!

It was just a stick and a wheel.  At first I thought the wheel might be from an old skateboard but when I got a closer look I saw that it was hand carved wood.  They cut a groove in the stick to sit the wheel in and played their hearts out.

How fun is that?

They even rode two at a time.  Here's Cruz getting a turn.  Notice he is all smiles.

Here's a little video of them in action.

After playing a while I gathered them all up for our story time.  My lesson was on Zacchaeus and titled "Jesus is a Friend to All". 
Here's Cruz working on his coloring sheet after our lesson.  I love that tongue hanging out, ha.  He's sitting on a rock, using a board that's propped up on a rock, and has an old dried up corn cob as a stopper to keep his colors from rolling away.  Village life is fun y'all.

Here we are on the ride home down the mountain.  I occasionally let Cruz sit in my lap and look out the window until we get down to the bottom pavement.  He loves it (and most of the time I do too). 

Here's a short video of our ride down.  You can tell how bumpy it is by the way the camera is shaking.  It gives you an idea of our roads and also of the BEAUTIFUL views that we get to experience here regularly.  I love living in the mountains!

Here's a photo of some men carrying wood on their backs down the mountain.  There were two of them and they had heavy loads. 

The boys spent the afternoon playing while we watched a little football.  We watched the Ole Miss vs. Arkansas game which didn't end too well for us Mississippi folks.  We could not pick up the MS State vs. Vanderbuilt game but we followed the live stats online.  Way to go Bulldogs!!!

here's my silly boys that afternoon

At one point I heard Cruz say "come on Ben", followed by some mumbling, and then the word "zipline".  When I looked out to check on them this is what I saw.  Does it get dull around here?  Never!!!

Here they are playing on Saturday night while I got their movie ready to watch.

 watching their movie

Sunday morning began with a French toast and bacon breakfast and then we sent David off to Bible study. 

Most of my day was spent washing clothes and getting our things packed for our upcoming Thanksgiving trip.  Part of our Thanksgiving tradition is watching the movie "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving".  I am sure we'll watch it again later in the week but just in case we get too busy and can't squeeze it in I had us watch it early.  We LOVE outdoor movie nights anyway so it was a fun way to end the weekend. 

Do you think they were excited?  You bet!

This is definitely one of my most favorite things to do and living in a warm climate we get to enjoy it year round.

We'll be traveling this week.  I'm looking forward to some time away to relax, enjoy some fellowship with our IMB colleagues, and remember the reason for the season.  We have much to be thankful for and it's good to set some time aside to reflect on that. 

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