Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween 2014

We don't do a whole lot for Halloween.  It's not celebrated here where we live so anything we do is on our own.  When I think about the day most of my thoughts revolve around two things:  1)  what we will eat and 2) what we will wear for our family picture.  With that in mind here is how we celebrated this year-

Breakfast was Cruz's request- pancakes.  I shaped theirs like a pumpkin and then used a knife to cut out the faces.   I put a little whipped cream and chocolate chips around the plate.  After the fact I wondered why they looked so plain and then realized that I forgot to use the holiday plates I bought for the day. ugh.   They didn't mind and thought they looked really cool.  I LOVE doing food art for my boys!
our Halloween pumpkin pancakes

here they are laying in the floor watching cartoons after breakfast

love those smiles!

and here's our Halloween family pic for 2014
I think the scariest part of my day was taking these photos, ha.  I am crazy about family pictures BUT let me just tell you they are a chore to get!!!  We take several and then I go back and try to pick out the best ones to share.  I am thankful my camera has an automatic setting that will take several shots at one time.  It's stressful y'all- streeeessful, but I endure it because I love having the pictures to look back on.

This next one has got to be one of my all time favorites.  Cruz has a terrible habit of looking around everywhere but at the camera.   I had told him as I pointed directly to the lens "Cruz, look right here at this camera.  I don't care if the house blows up, don't take your eyes off of the camera (yes, I really said that).  This is what I got-
That boy cracks me up!!!  He was focused, for sure. ha ha ha
Later in the morning I walked into their room just in time to find them discovering what was inside their beanbag.  Cruz was hiding at this point and Ben was sitting in a pile of foam filling.  Mama said there'd be days like this...

For lunch the boys had PBJ's and I made them some fun lips to go with it.  I sliced apples, spread peanut butter on them, and then added marshmallows for teeth.  I saw the idea online and just had to try it.  I sprinkled some raisins around as bugs.  They loved it!

how fun and delicious are these!

I found these Halloween plates and napkins at our grocery store in Chiquimula and couldn't help but buy them.  They just reminded me of home.  We used them at supper.  We grilled hot dogs and had chips.

For our supper dessert I made cup cakes and orange pumpkin jello jigglers.
After eating David set up our movie projector and we watched an outdoor movie.  It had been a little drizzly so we did it on our covered patio.  We watched "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown".  That is a tradition we started last year and one we'll look forward to in the years to come.

David getting everything ready

my little guys excited about the movie

We hung a sheet over our clothesline and made a big pallet on the ground.  Outdoor movie nights are our favorite!!!

Here's a little video of the boys dancing to the theme music before we got started. 
Halloween at our house is simple but OH SO FUN!!!

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