Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Party Time

On Tuesday afternoon we attended the 5th birthday celebration of a little boy we know who lives in our town.  In true Guatemala fashion we got a call around 2:00 that afternoon inviting us to the party.  It started at 3:30.  That is very normal around here although it drives me nuts.  It was the second year for us to attend his party and it's always a lot of fun for the boys.  Here are some photos I took while there-
some of the kids
Nery (the birthday boy) is in the middle

they played musical chairs

they had sack races

they had spoon races

and then they had a pinata.  It's always the crowd favorite.

This is the reason my boys love birthday parties- candy, LOTS of candy!

Singing "Happy Birthday" and blowing out his candle

A birthday tradition here is to smash the child's face in the cake.  We have yet to adopt this tradition in our family.

Ben, Cruz, and Nery
sweet friends

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