Monday, October 6, 2014

Our Sweet Weekend

After all of the celebrating my boys did last week they now have pinatas on the brain constantly.  So much so that Friday afternoon I looked out at them and they had built their own out of an empty diaper box and a rope.  They were having the best time taking turns hitting it.  And even though it did not have candy inside they would still fall all out on the ground pretending to pick some up and eat it.  I was laughing, hard.

That night we drove into town and ate supper at the mall foodcourt.  Subway had two for one sandwiches so David and I enjoyed that.  The boys had McDonald's chicken nuggets.  I love that we have a few American food places to eat at in our area.  It's like getting a little bit of home every week.

This peanut butter crepe was amazing!  While the boys played David and I shared this for dessert.  My oh my it was so good.  I think I'll just get it for my meal next time, ha. 

I got up on Saturday morning and baked a chocolate chess pie.  Why?  because company was coming.
Chocolate Chess Pie is one of my "go to" desserts.  It is always a pleaser.  If you ever come to see us it's a good chance you'll get a slice. 

That afternoon the Fricke's came to see us.  They are IMB missionaries who live in Guatemala City. It was the first time to have them in our home and we all loved it.  We had a great time visiting with them!  We don't get a whole lot of company so when we do it makes us all happy.

Mark, Debby, Cruz, and Ben

Sunday morning we headed up the mountain to lead Bible study in the village of Lagunetas.  About fifteen minutes from our destination we encountered a place where the road had washed out.  We have had some hard rains here lately and many of the roads are washing away and mud slides are common.  A 4x4 is a must this time of the year if you work in the mountain areas.  We were not sure if we were going to be able to pass and even considered turning around and going back home.  It was a judgement call we had to make.  Returning would mean backing down the mountain until we could find a clearing to turn around.  The thought of that scared me just as bad as going forward.  We decided to give it a try.  The kids and I got out though.  If anything went wrong at least we were safe, ha.

What you can't see from this angle is that the other side of the road had washed away too.  That meant we had to zig zag our wide vehicle around the drop offs.  I held my breath as he passed.  You just never know how soft the mud is right along an area like this.

Because we were close I let the boys just ride loose in the car the rest of the way.  They love hanging out the windows and letting the breeze blow in their faces.  They were made for this rough type of living.

When we arrived in the village the children met us at the car saying "come look Mrs. Regina, come look!"   When I walked up the trail I could see that they had built some benches to sit on for our Bible study time.  They also hung a tarp to give us some shade.  They were soo proud and eager to show me.   I was overwhelmed by their excitement and their readiness to study.  They were more prepared than I was.   My heart was blessed.  Many were there for the first time and David had a few of their parents/ older siblings join his group.  I really can't describe the feeling I had from being there that morning.  Something was different- in a good way.  I felt like the red carpet was rolled out and the Word of God was being wholeheartedly welcomed in.  I know people are praying- we can see evidence of that.  Would you please continue to pray for this village.  No one has accepted Christ yet but I know He is working in their hearts! 

Before it was over I had 19 children gathered under that tarp listening to the story of "David and Goliath".  What a joy and privilege I have to get to share the gospel with them.

And to think we almost turned around because it was a little dangerous to get there that morning.  Look what we would have missed! 

Happy Monday y'all!  We are looking forward to another great week of serving Christ here in Eastern Guatemala.

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