Friday, October 31, 2014

On Mission In Chanco

I've been a little MIA with the blog this week. We had a team arrive last Saturday and I've just not gotten around to updating since then. It's been a great week and we have loved getting to work alongside this sweet group of folks.  They represent First Baptist Church in Mt. Pleasant, SC and have been working in our area for a few years with another IMB couple.  That couple is transitioning to focus on another area of Guatemala and we are taking over the partnership.  They send teams down 4 times a year to specifically target the village of Chanco.  We have visited with some of their teams in the past but this was our first time to work with them on our own.  We had a great time and look forward to seeing them again in the future.  Here is an overview of our week-
David, Ben, Renee, Jennifer, Dave, Cruz, me, Larry, Stewart, and Josh

We left Guatemala City on Sunday morning heading East.  After a lunch stop in Chiquimula the team headed straight to the village to do some prayer walking.  They spent a few hours there canvassing the village before heading to their hotel in Jocotan for the night.
one of the prayer walking groups in the village of Chanco

Most of Monday was spent doing door to door visitation in the village and sharing the Gospel in the homes.  They had children's activities in the afternoon.

Here are Larry and Stewart visiting with this man in his home.

Tuesday was a special day in the village.  It began with a soccer game.  We then all headed into the school for their graduation program and also a birthday celebration for one of the teachers/ village leaders.  In the afternoon they had a dedication service for a portion of the road they had recently paved.  It was a full day and the team enjoyed getting to experience these cultural events.  

my boys watching some of the soccer game

The school's graduation decorations.  I thought they looked cute.

Here's the team giving greetings and getting ready to sing a song for the crowd.

the birthday boy (he turned 71) and two of the graduates

just a few of the many cakes they served to everyone that day

Wednesday was like Monday- door to door visitation in the mornings and kids activities in the afternoon.  The boys and I stayed home and David forgot the camera so I am limited on photos.

The team spent Thursday morning back in the village before returning to Guatemala City in the afternoon.  While one group went visiting the rest of us shared a Bible story with the kids and played several games with them.  The kids also blew bubbles, painted fingernails, and got to ride a horse. 

jump rope

playing "jump the river"

look at that boy go!!!

my boys with Miss Jennifer
she was so sweet to them this week

Do you think he liked getting to ride a horse???  You bet!

Ben loved riding too!

Here's a little video of the boys riding a horse in the village of Chanco.  How fun!

a few of the boys in their shark hats

me and my sweet little Ben

Wrapping up our time there with some photos.

Relationships were formed this week.  The Gospel was shared in several homes.  Seeds of salvation were planted in the hearts of many.   It was a good week.  Thank you for praying for all of us.  We felt your prayers.  We'll continue to do some follow-up over the next few months and then be back there again with another team from this church in January doing a medical/dental clinic.  Please pray for the village of Chanco and the many there who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Your prayers can make a huge difference in their lives!

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