Thursday, October 2, 2014

October 2014 Newsletter

Greetings from Guatemala!  My favorite month has arrived.  I love all things fall- the smells, the colors, the weather, the activities...  October is also the month we usually visit the States but this year we will not be going because we just returned from our Stateside Assignment.  I am a little sad about missing fall this year.  While most of you will be enjoying orange, yellow, brown, and green we'll be here with the blues.  Homesickness is not fun.  Would you pray for us and all the missionaries around the world who might be feeling the same way this season? 

We are continuing to lead Bible studies in the villages of Nearar and Lagunetas.  We are praying for God to open doors for us in three other villages, Chanco, Tunuco Arriba, and Churischan, and to begin teaching there as well.  Would you pray for that?   None of these villages have an evangelical work. 

We will be hosting a mission team at the end of this month from First Baptist Church, Mt. Pleasant, SC.  They will be working in the village of Chanco helping us get an open door there to lead Bible study.  Would you pray for this team and for us as we work out the details and prepare to host them.  Working teams with our two rowdy boys is going to be a new challenge.  

This month will mark our eight year anniversary with the IMB.  Can you believe it has been eight years already?  Many of you have been our prayer partners from the start and others we have picked up along the way.  We cannot say enough just how important your role is in our ministry by praying for us.  I cannot imagine over the past eight years just how many times your prayers have kept us out of danger, opened doors for us in ministry, provided encouragement to our hearts, and added souls to the kingdom. We are blessed to have such a strong army of prayer warriors behind us.  You might not be able to be here in person to see our ministry in action but by praying you have a part in everything we do.  Together we will see great things done for the Kingdom of Heaven.  THANK YOU FOR PRAYING! 

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