Monday, September 22, 2014

Our Not So Busy Weekend

After a few days of travel last week we were looking forward to just chilling out over the weekend.  For the most part that is what we did.   Because we had just eaten out some in Guatemala City we did not drive into town on Friday night as we normally do.  Instead we ate at home and rested.

We were up early on Saturday morning getting ready to go to our Bible study in Lagunetas.  I cooked breakfast, cleaned the kitchen, got everyone dressed, washed a load of clothes, hung them on the line, made the beds (a must in my house), packed snacks, and was out the gate by 8:15.  Whew!  

Traveling is great until you come home and have to get caught up on laundry.  Because we never have a lot of water and I only have space for one load on my clothesline I can only wash one load a day.  That makes clothes washing almost a daily part of my routine.  I typically don't wash on the weekends but I did this weekend to get caught up. Organization is key to my staying sane, ha.

We headed up the mountain to teach Bible study that morning.  Lagunetas is about 45 minutes away.  It is always cooler up there and is a nice break from the heat down below.  Here's Cruz hiking up the hill to the house where we meet.  I let him dress himself that morning.  He picked out "long blue pants" (jeans), his Lightning McQueen shirt (that he would wear every day if I let him), his boots, two different gloves, and his Guatemala police hat.  He was ready!

my little country boy

 What he loves to do most while there is climb trees.  I brace myself every time for a broken bone. 

 love him!

Here's little Ben playing with a stick in the mud.  My boys enjoy the village life and I'm glad they feel comfortable there.   I just wish I could relax more and stop constantly telling them "don't touch that", "leave that alone", "that's dirty!"...  My germ gauge just goes through the roof, ha.

Speaking of that here's baby Kevin sitting in the doorway of his family's kitchen.  Can you imagine your baby growing up on a dirt floor like that!  It breaks my heart and makes me VERY thankful for the house I live in and especially my clean tile floors.

 Part of my story for the kids was about Daniel in the lions den.  I didn't have an object for that lesson and didn't know until after we arrived that David had brought Kevin a toy that our boys had outgrown.  It was a lion.  After I told the story and the kids were coloring I noticed it sitting beside them.  How cool was that!  I told them that when they see Kevin's toy that it could be a reminder to them of the story of Daniel and how God took care of him.

We came home and grilled hot dogs for lunch and then rested that afternoon.  When the boys got up from their naps we drove over to Jocotan for some ice cream at Sarita's.

My guys enjoying some ice cream.  David and Ben shared a banana split and Cruz tried the new Dino Crunch (because it was blue). 

Saturday night we watched Finding Nemo before going to bed.

Sunday morning David headed out to teach Bible study in the village of Nearar.  While he was gone the boys and I made a few fall decorations to put on their bedroom door.  Before we went to the States I decorated their door every month.  I've been slacking on that since we returned. 

The beginning of their fall door.  (I didn't realize it looks like a face until I saw this picture posted here.  It's kind of creepy huh). 

That morning I baked a pan of turtle brownies.  I like to have a sweet on hand to munch on throughout the week.  This week it's brownies.

I mentioned a while back that our rainy season has been very dry this year.  Thankfully it seems to be getting back on track.  We are now getting the normal every afternoon rains that are normal for this time of the year.  It's still hot, dry, and sunny in the mornings but around 3:00 in the afternoon the clouds roll in and the rains come.  It typically rains off and on into the night.  It makes the evenings a little cooler for sure. 

My boys love to play in the rain.  They strip down every afternoon and run around.  Sunday afternoon David filled their pool and they all three sat in it and played in the rain.  There were lots of giggles coming from that little pool!

This one makes me laugh.  Some days it's the simple things in life that bring the most joy, right.  

I hope you were able to laugh some too over the weekend.  I think it's good for the soul!

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