Friday, September 5, 2014

Life Lately

I skipped posting our random weekly photos last Friday so I'll catch up this week. The days can get long and the walls can start to close in but one things for certain- these two boys of ours keep us well entertained and on our toes.  Here's a little of what they have been up to lately-

Cruz came home recently with this award pinned to his shirt.  I asked him what he did to earn it and he replied "I sat good in my chair today!".  I am certain that if he did sit still for any amount of time that his teacher appreciated it.  Obviously she did because she rewarded him for it. ha  Cruz does great when praised so she might have "turned over a new leaf" with him.
To Cruz "for participating"

We searched around for a book shelf to put in the boys room and I never found anything I really liked.  We ended up just having a guy in our town build one.  I love how it turned out! It fills the whole space and holds a lot of books and toys. It's perfect! 
the boys new book shelf

Cruz came into my office one night before bedtime and said "look mama, I'm a policeman".  I'm not sure where he got that idea from but I had to laugh.

Here he is sleeping on a pallet in our room one night.  When we brought the new bookshelf home it had a strong varnish smell so we let them sleep in our room until it aired out.  When I went in to check on him I found him sleeping off of his pallet with his legs under Ben's crib and his shirt pulled up.  I guess he was hot and the cold floor felt good to his tummy.   I cannot imagine laying my bare belly on a cold tile floor, ha.  Ben's crib is hanging out in our room until we decide what to do with it.  Cruz likes to nap in our bed so we still let Ben nap in it until we find a new home for it.  Any Guatemala folks reading our blog and have a use for a crib???  Let me know.

I try to do my grocery shopping while Cruz is at school.  It's a little less stressful only taking one child.  It's also a special time for Ben to hang out with us.  We usually let him ride a few rides or play a few games at the food court when we finish shopping.  Our grocery store is inside of the mall in Chiquimula.  We usually pick up a $5.00 pizza to take back home for lunch.  That's my favorite part of grocery shopping, ha.
Ben riding "the BIG horse" at the mall in Chiquimula

One of our favorite desserts is this Turtle Cake.  Years ago I was a Pampered Chef consultant.  I LOVED doing that!  It's a recipe from one of their cookbooks and we just love it.  I made it last week for our guests.  It's always a big hit with company.
In addition to the Ag team we also hosted some missionary colleagues David and Glynis Miller for two days last week.  David is our new supervisor and came to catch us up on our latest work strategy. 

I also tried a new recipe for homemade Alfredo sauce last week.  It turned out yummy and the best part was my boys loved it.  We ate it with grilled beef and a zucchini casserole. 

my sweet little Ben is a funny boy

Last Friday night we ate at the food court in Chiquimula.  Here's the boys enjoying a ride before going home.

Our former neighbors James and Joy were back in this area last weekend for a visit.  They spent some time with us on Saturday morning.  Their little boy Jadon has really grown since we last saw him.  I enjoyed our kids getting to play together.   They live in Coban now and brought us two bags of Dieselforff coffee.  YUM!!!
Cruz, Jadon, and Ben

these sweet smiles just brighten my days


This is one of my favorite photos of all!  Learning to share is hard for a two year old, HA.

Ben loves playing with Cruz's Leap Pad.  This day he was doing it with two truck tires on his arms.  Kids imaginations just make me smile.

Earlier this week we made a last minute decision to drive into town and try out a new Chinese restaurant.  I had our supper prepped and ready to go into the oven but we just put it in the refrigerator and went.  I love spontaneous things like that.  It breaks up the routine of the week.  I think we all enjoyed it.
The portions were HUGE.  It looked like a buffet on our table.  We ordered shrimp fried rice, egg rolls, and an order of French fries (mostly for the boys).  It was delicious and I'm sure we'll go back.

David and the boys at the restaurant

We have had car trouble all week long.  David has made numerous trips into Chiquimula trying to find out what the problem is and how to get it fixed.  He ended up having to take it to our mechanic in Guatemala City.  He left early on Thursday and made the four hour drive by himself.  He picked up a spare mission car and drove four hours back home that afternoon.  He did a few errands while there and the best part was the surprise he brought home to me and the boys-
Dunkin Donuts!!!  We all three squealed with joy when we saw them.

So I'll leave you on that sweet note.  We are all looking forward to the weekend.  We hope each of you have a fun filled one as well.  Don't forget to pray for our Bible study on Sunday morning in Nearar.  Hasta luego!

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