Friday, September 26, 2014

A Glimpse

Here's a little glimpse into our week. 

Power outages and water shortages are just a daily part of our life.  You never know when you're going to be without either of them.  So was the case late Monday afternoon.  The power was out for about 3.5 hours.  Thankfully I had cooked a big lunch so we were planning to eat leftovers for supper.  I was able to heat everything up on the stove-top, but we had to eat by lantern.  My boys love when the power is out at night.  They love running around with flashlights and playing in the dark.  So much so that they are always a little sad when the lights come back on. I, on the other hand, REJOICE! ha 

While we were cleaning up the kitchen we put a lantern in their room (as you can see on top of the shelf) and let them play in there.  When I went back to check on them I found them both sitting down in their beanbag together looking at books.  My heart smiled!

I was glad that the power came back on before bedtime so that we could sleep cool. 

Tuesday morning we dropped Cruz off at school and then headed into town to run errands and buy some groceries. 
Ben at the grocery store.  
You can't always find everything you need but in spite of that I do love the grocery stores that we have in Chiquimula. 

And while there we picked up another biscuit from McDonald's.  This time I got the correct one. A sausage and biscuit and it was much better than the time before.  I just wish they served jelly here.  None of the restaurants serve jelly packs like in the States. 

On Wednesday David made another visit to the village of Churischan.  If you'll remember our first visit there did not go so well.   I wanted to go badly but was afraid we wouldn't get back in time to pick Cruz up from school so Ben and I stayed home.  I made a good decision because the visit went long and they even invited him to stay for lunch.   That is something that you don't see much in this part of the Country especially with someone you just met.  He had a great visit with the family there.  The man and his wife are both believers and said they were the only ones in that village that they knew of.  I'll share more about them and how they came to know the Lord in another post.   They have several children so our next visit will be with our whole family so they can get to know us a little more.  It's all about relationship building at this stage.  Please continue to pray for this village and that this new family of believers would open their home to us to begin teaching the Bible there.

Thursday started with a pan of Apple Drop Biscuits.  They had my kitchen smelling good like fall. We drizzled honey over them and they were quite delicious.

I spent the rest of the morning preparing for company.  We had a missionary family that lives in Chiquimula come eat lunch and spend the afternoon with us.  This is the same family that was living above us for a while.  My boys were beside themselves excited when I told them who was coming.  They love the Reming kids.  We grilled hotdogs for lunch and also had chips, a pan of chess squares, and some fall jello jigglers.  After eating the kids played and watched movies while us adults played a round of Phase 10.  It was a fun afternoon.

what a crew!

I made orange pumpkin jigglers and green leaves although the green here is not very dark.  It looks more like yellow.   Because of that I brought back a box of green from the States to use at Christmas. 

So here we are at Friday.  Can we all just shout AMEN.  It's "wear what you want to school day" so Cruz's outfit requires no explanation, ha.
my boys before Cruz left for school on Friday

We are looking forward to the weekend.   We are planning on ours including a night out to eat, a visit to the circus, and Bible study.   Sounds like a fun plan, huh.  Hope you have a fun one too!

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