Monday, August 11, 2014

The Boys New Bunkbeds

Bunk beds and little boys are a disastrous mix- I know.  But we bought them anyway.  Their room is not very big and two twin beds would have eaten up a lot of their play space so bunk beds were a great option.  We went with a twin on the top and full on the bottom.  Ben is transitioning to a regular bed so a full will give him more space and also provide us extra room to sleep with one of them if necessary. 

We planned to buy the bed frames in town once the painting was finished but then explored the option of having someone make us some.  We ended up buying them in town mostly because we got impatient. 

David took Cruz into town with him to pick them up.  Cruz didn't know where they were going and was quite surprised when he figured it out.  He was a big helper loading them in the car, unloading them at home, and putting them together.

helping his daddy with his new bed

this is the look I got from David when I asked him to stop for a picture, ha

Ben kept calling the bottom part his boat.  He had the best time playing on it while Cruz and David worked.

almost done...

they are loving it!!!

We already had a twin mattress from Cruz's bed.  We planned to buy a full mattress from a young girl we know who works in a local store in neighboring Jocotan.  David stopped by and  bought it early one morning after he dropped Cruz off at school.  We put in on the bed and then mid-morning the store called and needed it back.  They sold us a light blue one and needed to exchange it for a dark blue one (supposedly the same mattress).  They only had a light blue base and needed it back to complete the set.  We waited all afternoon for them to come and swap it out and they never came.  We finally got a text late in the day pretty much saying never mind- just keep the light blue one.  ugh.  Some day's the littlest of things can send  you over the edge, ha. 

So, they have beds now and I'll post a photo of them with the bedding along with a few other things I've done in their room next.  I still lack finding a book shelf and some curtains and I'll be completely done. Yeah!

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