Friday, August 15, 2014

Photos From Our Week

Here's a little of our life over the past seven days-

As I mentioned in a previous post we generally eat out one night a week. In the past that night was most always Friday. Typically we pick one of three places in Chiquimula that has an indoor playland so the boys can play and we can sit and visit. We started back on that pattern last Friday night with a visit to Pollo Campero. My boys love to eat there and squealed when we pulled into the parking lot.
my boys at Pollo Campero in Chiquimula

Last Saturday morning I made biscuits.  Cruz "helped" me.  My boys love biscuits!

I gave Cruz a little bit of the dough to play with while I cut the biscuits out.  He made pancakes, tortillas, and even a birthday cake for me.  He saw a crayon on the microwave and stuck it in the middle and then sang to me (my birthday is not until February) but it was precious!

Here's Ben watching David hang stuff on their bedroom wall last Saturday morning.  They were fascinated by the drill and could not keep their hands off of it.  Afterwards David got out an old board and let them take turns drilling in it (with his help and supervision, of course).   They loved it!

David started back doing Bible study in the village of Nearar last Sunday morning.  Here is a photo of a few of them as they began to gather for study.  Most of these are new/ young believers.  Pray for David as he attempts to disciple them.

the boys cooling off on Sunday afternoon

my sweet boys love water!

brotherly love

He's four but thinks he's 14!

Ben playing under my desk- something that he does often.

a mid-week breakfast
my boys love food art

Ben doing a little painting one morning while Cruz was at school.

big brother can't have all the fun, right

Our water supply has been low, low, low this week.  A few days I've had to look at our water storage tank and decide- do I want to wash dishes and take a bath or do I want to wash clothes today.  One of the first things we do every morning is look at our water supply and plan for the day.  The town generally turns it on for a few hours a day and it is typically enough time to fill our tank up but this week they have not turned it on much at all.   So we've spent a few late afternoons at our landlord's pool cooling off and letting that be a bath for the guys.  We are blessed to have that luxury!

our family enjoying a little pool time

Here's a short video of Cruz swimming.  He's come a long way since the beginning of summer when he would barely put his head under the water.  He has pretty much taught himself how to swim and he is doing great.

Our town remodeled their park while we were in the States and it is so much nicer.  Here's Ben one afternoon when we took the boys to play.

After almost 8 years of living here I finally cooked dried black beans for the first time this week.  Black beans are a staple food here in Guatemala.  Our family likes one of the canned brands (Ducal) so I have just always bought them and heated them up. While in the States I ran across a recipe for Guatemala Black Beans while reading a copy of Home Life magazine (my favorite thing to read!).  I tore it out and brought it back with me to try.  They actually turned out very good.

my first black beans

When David picked Cruz up from school on Thursday all of his class was outside with the teacher singing and doing hand motions to music- but not Cruz.  He was off to the side of the school picking lemons off of the tree.  Why?  He said he wanted them for his mama to make a pie.  He put them in his backpack and brought them home to me.  He was soo excited to show me "his surprise".

So, I guess I'll be making a lemon pie next week, ha
(lemons here are green)

Ben this morning on his balance bike

We are now back to Friday and I'm looking forward to the weekend.  We'll head into town tonight to eat out (yeah no cooking for me!).  We have two Bible studies this weekend.  The first one will be in Lagunetas on Saturday morning.  It will be our first time back since returning from the States.  David will be teaching the adults and youth and I'll be teaching the children.  I'm super excited to get that back going!  David will be back in Nearar on Sunday morning doing discipleship.  Would you pray for both of these Bible study times? We would appreciate it and we'll share with you how they go next week.  Have a great weekend everyone!  Thanks for reading our little blog!

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