Saturday, August 9, 2014

Painting Our Boys Bedroom- Tonka Theme

One of the things I had planned to do when we returned from the States was redecorate the boys bedroom. I knew Ben would be transitioning into a "big boy bed" so I started gathering ideas of what I might could do in their room. We could have put two twin beds in there but it would not have given them much play space so we knew early on that we wanted bunk beds. We looked at a few options that were available in our area before we left for the States last year just to give us an idea of what to expect. David wanted a twin on top and full on bottom and the only one we could find around here was a black metal one. I made a mental note of that as I searched decoration ideas.

I didn't have anything in mind when I began looking and of course the internet ideas are endless. I didn't want a heavy comforter set because it is so hot where we live. Most of the quilts I found were terribly expensive. So one day in my searching I ran across this cute Tonka blanket  at and I fell in love.
What I loved about it most was that it was thin, super soft, and not too pricy.  So I ordered one for each of the boys and brought them back to Guatemala with us.  I love, love, love them! 

I pretty much used the blankets as my inspiration for the rest of the room.  I wanted a highway theme with trucks, sky, grass, a tree... just like the blanket.  I knew David thought I was crazy but I knew in my mind how I envisioned it looking.   Instead of us painting it ourselves (which is what we would normally do) we hired a few local guys from our town who we knew would do a better job.  They did great! 

my boys "helping" the painters  
It was an exciting time for them

At one point I ended up filling a bucket with water and giving them brooms as brushes and they spent some time "painting" the outside of our house.  These days it's all about distracting them and keeping them busy.

It only took them two days to finish the job.  This was after the end of day one.

The gray area is their "closet".  All the rooms in our house have open spaces like this. 

Lunch break of day 2- it's starting to look really cute.

I had them paint a tree and a few Tonka trucks.  They turned out very cute.

The Tonka trucks on the boys walls

Painting project finished!

my boys LOVE it!

Their finished closet space.  One side will hold their clothes and the other side I will put a large bookshelf for their books, puzzles, and toys. 

Stay tuned... I'll show you more in a few days.

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