Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cruz Enjoying P.E. Class

Wednesday is P.E. day at Cruz's school in Guatemala. It is by far his favorite day of the week. Here are some photos that David took today with his phone when he went to pick him up.  The kids were not quite finished yet so he got to see Cruz in action.

Oops, he lost his shoe.  Maybe it was because they are a size too big but he INSISTED on wearing them today.  I am learning to pick my battles so I let him.  He realized it himself after having them on at P.E. today so I am certain it will not be an issue again in the future. Sometimes self education is the best education, ha.

And here's a short video of him in action.  That boy loves to run! 

P.E. day is one of our favorites too because it makes him one tired little boy when he gets home. 

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