Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Back To Spanish School

We had talked about putting Cruz back in Spanish school once we returned to Guatemala. The Director had told us to bring him back after our time in the States and was expecting him. I was all excited about the idea UNTIL it actually got time to send him and then I had a lot of reservations. I am not sure why but I did. I knew he would love it and have a great time but I was a little uneasy about the decision (and still am).  But, nonetheless, he started back this past Monday. 

He's only been three days but so far he is doing great.  He has a new teacher Miss Milvia.  He was a little upset because he was expecting to have his same teacher from last year but I think he'll like her just fine.  He loved seeing his classmates again and I think it made him feel at home. I think most everyone in the school was thrilled to have Cruz back!

The Guatemala school year is January through October so they only have about 9 weeks left.  It would be like putting him in school in the States in mid-March.  It's a little weird for him to be joining in at the tail end but we are mainly doing it for his Spanish language. The school day is only from 8:00 until 11:30.  Nine weeks will be a great booster for him and will get him back comfortable being around Spanish speakers.  He had a huge Spanish vocabulary before we went to the States but seemed to lose most of it while there.   We pray he'll pick it back up quickly. 

Here are a few photos of him this week-
his first day back at Spanish school
I LOVE school uniforms!  They make life (and mornings) so much easier.

photo with his little brother

Cruz with his new teacher Miss Milvia

He came home on Tuesday and with a big smile told me "mama, I remember the word for fireman in  Spanish!  It's bomberos!".   He was very proud to know that word.  ha

Wednesday is P.E. day.  They wear track pants and school t-shirts.  The school coach comes and leads them in activities.  It was Cruz's favorite part of school last year and he was very excited about it on Wednesday morning.  While eating breakfast he told me "mama, I need to eat all of this food so it will help me run FAST today!".  He's a funny boy.

Cruz in his P.E. uniform

Cruz and Ben before school on Wednesday morning

It's hard to believe how fast my babies are growing up!  This time next year Cruz will be starting K5 and I will be homeschooling- yikes!  You better start praying for both of us already, ha.  That is sure to be an adventure!

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