Saturday, August 2, 2014

August 2014 Newsletter

Greetings from Guatemala!  Things are going well.  We are getting settled back in nicely and starting to catch our breath from all the travel and transition over the past month.  Overall the adjustment back to life in Guatemala has been a smooth one.  Thanks for praying!

We are inheriting two Stateside partnerships from another IMB colleague that we will begin working with soon.  The partnerships consist of two Baptist churches in the States that are partnering with two villages here in our area with the hopes of planting a church in those villages.  They each send down teams about 4 times a year to specifically target those particular villages.  David got to meet with one of the teams who were here in July and spent a day doing door to door visitation with them.  They are from First Baptist Church, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.  We will be hosting them for the first time beginning in October.  Would you pray for us as we begin this new phase of our work.

We recently sat down with our Agricultural partners from Honduras to catch up on the work since being in the States and see how we might all partner together in the future.  We are proud that Noe, one of the Honduran workers, faithfully came over and taught our Bible study in the village of Lagunetas while we were gone.  That is an answer to prayer!  We were also excited to learn that as a result of our last Ag training with them back in October 2013 there is now a Bible study going in the Guatemala village of Pacren.  Noe has been teaching that study also.  David was able to help with an Ag project in Lagunetas this past month and they are excited about us returning to teach them again.  We have our first date lined up for later this month.  Pray for us as we study and prepare to share God's Word with them again soon.

We also had a great visit with the Lubeck's recently.  They are the Chorti Bible translators.  One of our main topics was the village of Tunuco Arriba.  We tried to get an open door there before our Stateside Assignment but just never could get anything going.  We talked about this village and asked for prayer for the people there every time we spoke while in the States.  Now there is a possibility that we might have an open door there to begin working with the children in the school and starting a ladies Bible study.  How exciting!  When the Lubeck's return from their fall trip to the States we will begin partnering with them to start a work in that village.  Would you continue to pray for the village of Tunuco Arriba and our possible future involvement there. 

We are excited about the way the Lord is opening doors for us to partner with nationals, other missionaries, and also churches in the States to help spread the Gospel to this part of Guatemala.  We look forward to seeing how He is going to work through all of us in the future.  We covet your prayers for every aspect of our lives.  Your partnering with us through prayer is the most important partnership of all.  We thank you for faithfully praying for us and having an interest in our ministry.

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