Friday, July 11, 2014

This Week

Well hello again! Today's post is just a bunch of randomness from the past few days.

If you follow us much you'll know that while in the States our boys received quite a bit of toys and things.  We tried to bring back as much of their stuff as possible but as you can imagine a lot of it got left behind in storage.  One of the things Cruz wanted to bring back was his Big Wheel.  That thing is large and bulky but we did our best to make it work.  David took it apart piece by piece, bagged up the small parts, and we distributed all the large parts throughout all our bags.  It got here and one morning this week he got all the parts out and the boys helped him put it all back together.  It took them a while and it gave me lots of time to get some things done.  I am glad they have it to ride on.

working hard on their Big Wheel

I haven't unpacked all of their costumes yet but we did get out their masks and capes one morning.  Here are my little super heroes at play-
sweet brothers

The one thing the boys have played on the most since returning is their swing.  They love that thing!  That's the same swing that caught Ben between the eyes a week ago. 

On Wednesday Dan drove over from Honduras to spend some time with us.  He is our Ag partner.  It was great to catch up with him, hear how the work is going, and talk about ways we can work together in the future. 
David, Cruz, and Dan

I have forgotten to mention in my other posts about a few improvements that have been made to our place since we were in the States.  The first was that our landlord installed hot water in our kitchen and bathroom.  It's great getting to wash my dishes in hot water now!  That is a luxury that I didn't even realize until I didn't have it for many years.  Our favorite improvement of all was that our road got paved.  YIPPEE!!!  I am hoping for a lot less dust now.  I'm glad it was while we were gone because we missed all that construction, noise, and headache.  It's a nice road and we feel very spoiled to have it.
Our new paved road.  Our boys are going to be spending  lots of late afternoons riding bikes up and down this area I just know.

On Wednesday night we met some friends for dinner at a new restaurant that opened up near Jocotan while we were gone.  It's a cute little place and I am sure we'll be back there more often now that we've tried it.
Josh, Jessica, me, and David

David and I ordered the grilled beef.  It comes with black beans, and tortillas.  It was delicious and seasoned very good.  The best part was that it was only around $5.00.  Yummy and cheap, ha.

We drove into Guatemala City on Thursday afternoon.  We stopped half way for a bathroom and ice cream break at Sarita's in El Rancho.  The boys had a banana split and I enjoyed a PiƱa colada shake.

ice cream at Sarita's

We did some errands in Guatemala City on Friday morning.  One of those was getting Cruz a haircut.  He was so excited about going back to his normal barbershop.  He loves sitting on the four wheeler while they cut his hair.
ready for his haircut

We also let them ride the carousel in the mall before we left. 

We leave tomorrow morning (Saturday) for the Dominican Republic.  I'm very excited about the week ahead there but dreading the 3:00 a.m. taxi and 5:00 a.m. flight to get us there.  Yikes!  Another thing I am dreading is our exposure to the Chikungunya virus.  It is pretty wide spread in that area so we are taking lots of bug spray and will be cautious while outdoors.  Would you pray for us and the others who will be joining us there that no-one will be infected by this virus.  Ohhh, that would not be fun to have!!!

I'll try to update again from there in a few days and hopefully post some pics.  I've been known to take just a few so if I do I'll share them, ha.

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