Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Here are some photos of Cruz and I getting to parasail while in the Dominican Republic.

The place we used was about a 20 minute walk down the beach from our hotel to a public beach area.  We waited until late in the afternoon to go so the sun would not be so bright.   After we arrived and paid a small boat picked us up on the beach and drove us out into the ocean to meet the larger boat that we used for parasailing.  Then when we finished another smaller boat came out to pick us up and take us back to shore.  The boys thought the boat rides were a lot of fun.
me and my boys waiting on the boat to pick us up

our first boat

David and the boys on the boat.  Look at Cruz grinning.  That boy was excited!

When we got into the larger boat the driver let Ben "help" him drive.  I think they both enjoyed that.

Captain Ben

Cruz getting his gear on

getting strapped in

off we go...

I wasn't sure how we would be sitting but I expected to at least be touching Cruz.  Instead he was strapped independently in front of me.  It did make me a little nervous although he loved it!

He did not stop talking the whole time.  He was just amazed and has talked about it numerous times since we have returned.  I am sure that is a memory he won't soon forget.

At one point he said, "mama, the sharks can't get me from up here!"

Here's a short video of us coming down.

As soon as we landed Ben started saying "me go up!" "me go up!"  He cried- very loudly.  The workers felt sorry for him and asked if we would let them strap him in for a moment.  We had time to kill while we waited for the other boat to come get us so of course we agreed. 
Poor little Ben wanted a turn too.

They put all the gear on him even though it was quite large.  They were very sweet to him.

strapping him on

He's not crying now.  They just let him dangle and swing back and forth.  It was enough to appease him and he was very happy.

Here's a short video of Ben.

riding back to the beach

Cruz on the boat ride back to the beach

Once back on shore we walked back to our hotel, got something cold to drink, and spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool.   What a fun way to end our trip to the Dominican Republic!

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