Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Little Of Our Week

I have spent a lot of time at home with the kids this week.  Cruz was sick for several days with strep throat.  He seems to be doing much better now and thankfully no one else in our house has had any symptoms.

Cruz gets up everyday saying "where are we going today?" and "what are we going to do today?"  Being so "on the go" in the States spoiled him.  Because of that we are purposefully trying to slow life down a bit.  That's not an easy task with two active little boys.  Trying to keep them entertained wears me out.  But, it also keeps me from getting bored so that helps, ha.

So, today's post is just a mixture of photos I have taken of them over the past several days.

Kid costumes can be a little expensive but I don't mind buying them because my boys use them a lot.  They are constantly changing from one outfit to the next.  I love the imagination that comes with them dressing up and playing. 
my little doctors in training

This picture of Cruz makes me laugh.  He looks like a muscle man. 

Hanging that swing was the best thing we have done for our kids.  They love it!

A beautiful sunset we saw one night on the road between Camotan and Jocotan.  I love living in the mountains!

Here's my little motorcycle man ready to hit the road, ha.

and, what big brother does little brother copies- always!

morning snack break

they love art!

We started a redecorating project in their room this week.  We had to move everything out before the painters came.  The boys enjoyed helping us.  At one point Cruz grabbed his play camera and started taking pictures of us moving.  Here he is taking Ben's picture.  He gets it honest!

Ben playing with the light plates.  Funny boy.

The first day of painting.  My boys are soo excited about their new room.

Because we are painting in their room the boys are having to sleep in the room with us.  We just moved Ben's crib in and Cruz sleeps on a pallet on the floor.  Last night we all got on our bed and watched a movie on the computer.   It was fun!

Here they are pretending to be asleep.  They make me smile.

We are gearing up for a birthday weekend.  The boys are super excited about celebrating their daddy's big day.  We have a few things planned and I'll be sure to post lots of photos for you to see.  I cannot believe it is August already!!!  My oh my this year is flying by fast.

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