Thursday, June 19, 2014

MS Ag and Forestry Museum 2014

We recently made a morning visit to the Mississippi Ag and Forestry Museum. It was on my list of places to visit while in the States and we finally got around to going. It was a great place to take the boys to run and explore and we all had a wonderful time. Here are some photos of our time there.
Me, Ben, Cruz, and Mimi (my mom) at the museum entrance

there were a lot of tractors around for the boys to climb on and pretend to drive

I love this big rocking chair they have there

Inside they have a Train Exhibit.  It was by far my boys favorite thing of all.  My two who normally can't stay still for longer than a few seconds watched those trains for what seemed like forever.  I think they could have stayed there all day and been very happy.  It was a pretty cool exhibit if I do say so myself. 

more of the train exhibit

I love that sweet little grin

We just had to take a photo at this tomato exhibit.  Crystal Springs is David's hometown.
They had fun exploring this old gas station,

and peeking in the windows of this old doctor's office.

We visited a cotton gin,

and checked out the saw mill.

It was a warm day so we made a mid-morning stop by the General Store for an ice cold drink and snack.  I loved the old decor and trinkets they had on display.  My mom bought some homemade jellies and we picked up the boys a few souvenirs. 

snack break at the Ag Museum

We looked around inside this old school house,

and then headed to the barnyard to see the animals.

A little more fun on the tractors

We couldn't leave there without taking a train ride around the property.  We were all four excited about that!

Ben on the train

Cruz on the train

Mimi on the train

And lastly we let the boys take a ride on the carousel

We had a really good time there.  It was a fun, relaxing way to spend some time together and make a few memories as well.  We ended our outing with lunch at a local Mexican restaurant and then a stop by the Farmer's Market for some fresh produce.  Days like this make me smile!

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