Friday, June 27, 2014

Here There And Everywhere

There is one thing for certain- our last few weeks here in the States have not been dull. And, we have eaten well! Here are some photos of what we've been up to lately. 

Wednesday, a week ago, my mom cooked supper for us.  We had roast, potatoes, corn, squash, and peas.  It was very delicious!  Afterwards we went outside to cut a watermelon.  My Aunt Diane, Uncle Michael, and nephew Ryder came to visit but I failed to get a photo with them.  My Uncle Michael rode the kids on his Mule and they loved it.  It was a fun night.

my boys enjoying a summertime favorite- watermelon

The following night (Thursday) we met our friends Joseph and Misty Oster for supper at Georgia Blue in Flowood.  It was our first time to eat there and we liked it.   You can't go wrong with shrimp and grits and grilled fish.  It was wonderful getting to catch up with them in person and enjoy some quality time together. 
Misty, me, David, and Joseph at Georgia Blue

On Friday I met some former co-workers for lunch at Moss Creek Fish House in Pearl.  It's been years since we have seen each other and I loved catching up with them.
Lubertha, me, Kim, and Renee

That night David and I joined my Aunt Nita, Aunt Carolyn, and Uncle Alvin for supper at Wynndale Steak House.  My mom kept the boys while we went to eat.  That is always a meal we enjoy!  After eating we all visited at our house so they could love on the boys a bit.
Aunt, Carolyn, Aunt Nita, Me, Ben, Mimi, and Cruz

my Aunt Carolyn, Uncle Alvin, and the boys (who were already bathed and dressed for bed)

Saturday was a slow packing day.  We ate lunch at David's grandmothers house and enjoyed a visit with her.  That evening we took the boys to Memaw's house and went to do some last minute shopping at Wal-Mart.  We ate supper at the Mexican Restaurant before picking them up.
Larsen and Cruz playing at Memaw's.  They wanted me to take their picture wearing their shark shirts, ha.

On Sunday morning we drove to Jackson to join our friends, the Brown's, for Sunday School and church at First Baptist Jackson.  We enjoyed our time there.  It was refreshing to sit and just blend into what was going on.  After the service we all ate lunch at Sal and Mookies- pizza and ice cream was delicious!
My boys (and me too!) loved riding the golf cart from the parking lot to the church.  That was fun.

Reagan, Malinda, me, David, Ben, Sara Madalin, and Cruz at church

On Sunday night Cruz started VBS at Harmony Baptist Church in Crystal Springs.  It was Sunday thru Wednesday night.  We took advantage of him and Sara Madalin being there and spent a little extra time with Reagan and Malinda.
Cruz and Sara Madalin at VBS

We met Reagan and Malinda on Monday and Tuesday night for supper.  That was a lot of fun!  On Monday we hung out at the Waffle House in Hazlehurst.  Years ago we spent a lot of time at the Waffle House in Byram eating, drinking coffee, and talking until the wee hours in the morning.  That was certainly before any of us had children, ha.  Now we just try to squeeze in any one on one time we can get and make the most of it.  On Tuesday we ate Mexican in Crystal Springs and then went to Sonic for ice cream.   There were a lot of laughs shared on those two nights. 
me, David, Reagan, and Malinda solving the world's problems over supper at Waffle House

On Monday we made a visit to see my Aunt Betty.  She is my grandfather's sister.  My mom went with us to see her.  I could tell by the smile on her face that she was glad to see us and that it made her very happy to get to love on our boys.  
Aunt Betty, Ben, Mimi, me, and Cruz

me and my Aunt Betty

We had a little time between our visit and lunch so we made a stop down by the railroad tracks to take a few pictures.  Hazlehurst is my hometown and I wanted a few pics there with my boys.
me and my boys in Hazlehurst, MS

all aboard...

Mimi and the boys

On Wednesday I had lunch with my sweet friend Peggy at Porches.  She is a precious lady and has always been a great encouragement to us.  I am thankful for the time we had to be together and visit.
me and Peg at Porches

Later on Wednesday afternoon my mom brought Mrs. Ann over to see us and the boys.  She traveled with my mom to Guatemala last year to visit us there.  She is precious and I am glad we got to see her before we left.
Mrs. Ann, me, Ben, Cruz, and Mimi

Mrs. Ann and the boys

Wednesday night we attended Cruz's VBS program.  I loved watching him sing the songs he learned while there.  He had a great time and I'm very glad he got to go. 
Cruz with his VBS teachers Miss Sarah and Mrs. Lisa

Thursday was a full day for me.  It started with a visit to the Copiah County Co-Op to get Cruz a new pair of "cowboy" boots.  He is about to out grow his other pair so we let him use some of his birthday money to get some new ones.  He also got to get a gumball out of the machine (his absolute favorite thing to do!!!)  He was a happy little boy.
he is very proud of his new boots!

Afterwards David took Ben to get a haircut and Cruz and I joined my mom for lunch at Porches.  Yes, I went two days in a row- I am just a little crazy about that place, ha.  We ate lunch, did a little shopping in Brookhaven, drove Cruz home to take a nap, and then headed to Crystal Springs to get pedicures.  It was A LOT of running around, but it was fun.

me, Cruz, and my mom at Porches

The owners gave Cruz this red bear to take back to Guatemala with him.  It was very sweet and he loved it.

mother/ daughter pedicures

Late that afternoon we dropped the boys off with Memaw and we drove to Jackson to make a hospital visit.  Nickey and Jackie (two of our former youth ministry students) had twin girls born this week.  It was soo good to see them and hold those precious babies! 
meeting the Johnson twins!

So now it's Friday and so far we have spent the whole morning finalizing some packing, washing clothes, and getting ready to go.  My parents spent the morning with us entertaining the boys while we worked.  We all went out for a Mexican lunch together.  It's our last few days in the States!!!  We fly out of here early on Monday morning.  There will be a lot of busyness for us over the next several days.  Tired, stressed, and a little on the anxious side would definitely describe us right now.  Would you pray us through this transition time we are in.  Our lives are about to be turned upside down- again.

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  1. That was indeed a rather well-rounded day. One that is fantastically carried by that snazzy golf cart ride you have managed to secure for you and your family. Golf cart rides are one-of-a-kind mobile experiences and should be shared with as many as possible. I love how all of your pictures show how happy you guys were. All the best!

    Keith Edwards @ Apex Chargers


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