Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Weekend

Saturday had us up and going early. We had a 10:00 birthday party to attend in Jackson.   David and Ben ended up staying at his grandmother's house while Cruz and I went to the party.   It was for his friend Sara Madalin who is turning 6.  She had a really cute Scientist themed party.  Her mom is pretty creative so I knew the party would be fun. 
This was the sign on the door when you arrived.

Each child was given a lab coat, name badge, and goggles when they arrived.  They then went around to different tables filled with activities for them to do.  Here is Cruz looking at slides on the microscope. 

Here he is making snow.  That was pretty cool.

and they also made gak by mixing glue, water, food coloring, and borax.

Here's Reagan adding Mentos to Diet Coke.  The kids loved watching it explode!

Cruz and the birthday girl- Sara Madalin

We left the party with just enough time to pick up David, change Cruz's clothes, and get him to his tee ball game.  It was a make-up game from the previous week that got rained out.  Ben was napping so we left him at Maw Maw' house.
our family (minus Ben) at Cruz's game

This one makes me laugh.  It's like they realized "oh yeah, the ball just rolled by.  Maybe we should go get it". ha

chasing the ball

After the game we spent the rest of the afternoon with Maw Maw, Memaw, and Larsen.  We made a visit to the Dairy Freeze for ice cream and then drove over to Lake Chautauqua to let the kids play.  While there we took a stroll through the Treetop Trails.  I always enjoy that. 
Ben and David on the pier at Lake Chautauqua

This is poor David by the time our hike ended.  His arms were full.

Sunday morning we attend worship at Southway Baptist Church in Brookhaven.  It was fun to just slip in and be a part of the congregation.  I had us take a few family pics before we left home that morning to remember our last Sunday in Brookhaven. 

We are going to miss this mission home, this area, and this Baptist Association.  All of which have been a great blessing to our family!

Ben just cracks me up in this picture.  Boy is he starting to show some spunk!
Cruz picked to eat lunch at Ward's because he wanted "that red drink".  He loves the pink lemonade there and asks to go there often.  As I mentioned in a previous post we love the steak sandwiches there so we thought it was a good choice too.  We ate outside and enjoyed the sunshine.  

Here is Ben taking his Sunday afternoon nap.  Doesn't he look sweet. 
Later that afternoon I attended a baby shower for my cousin.  She is having her first child, a baby boy, in July.   She had a really cute shower and got a lot of good stuff.

me and Jennifer

I loved the food display!

The rest of the day was spent packing and getting ready to move.  We were up close to midnight.  It is unreal how much stuff we have accumulated in the last few months!  Monday was our moving day so I'll fill you in on how that went next. 

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