Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Pre- Mother's Day Celebrating 2014

It seems as though we had "Mother's Days" around my house because my celebration began on Thursday and continued on through Sunday. I'm not complaining. It's nice to feel loved and special! So, here is how some of that time was spent.
On Thursday morning my mom drove down and we went to get pedicures.  Who doesn't love a pedicure?  I turned that massage chair on, sat back, and just enjoyed the stillness.  I also enjoyed getting to sit still and watch the Today show which is something I love to do but rarely get to these days.  We don't get that channel in Guatemala and if our television has been on while in the States it is most always airing cartoons.  I was getting pampered all around.

After our pedicures we went out to lunch at Porches.  You know how I LOVE Porches!  Pedicures and Porches are a great combination.

I got back home in time to help David get the boys down for their naps and then my mom and I did a little shopping while they slept.  David had us a pot of coffee waiting when we got back and then we spent the rest of the afternoon playing with the boys.

We spent Friday night with David's mom.  He was hooking up a new computer and router that she got for Mother's Day while the boys played and we visited.  I did not take a single picture while there, ugh. 

On Saturday morning we packed the cooler and headed to Lake Lincoln State Park for some family fun time. 
me and my precious boys celebrating Mother's Day

Who doesn't love getting a little sand between their toes?  It was still a little wet from the storm the day before but the boys didn't seem to mind.

He insisted on taking this figurine because "Super Heroes like to swim too". 

they both loved playing at the sandbar

ahhh, cooling off on a warm, sunny day

After swimming we enjoyed a picnic lunch.

We also let them have a little time on the playground before we left.  They were "dog tired" and took long afternoon naps when we got back home.

After nap time David and Cruz ran to the store.  Here they are returning with flowers, balloons, and a movie.  Cruz picked out "Frozen" and said it was a princess movie just for me.

My boys love helium balloons!

My Mother's Day flowers and balloons.  Cruz picked out these purple ones.  He loves buying me flowers.

We couldn't watch the movie outside because of an afternoon rain shower so David set the projector up in the living room.  The television would have been fine with me but he insisted on doing it that way.  It was a lot more fun.  I made a pallet for the boys and we all got in our pj's and watched it together.  That was fun, fun, fun!

Here they are at the start of the movie doing what we do best- dancing.  Our little family loves to dance, and be silly, and laugh, and make memories.  And that's exactly what we did that day.  I wouldn't trade these days for anything in this world.  These are precious times.

I'll post about our Sunday celebration tomorrow.

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