Friday, May 23, 2014

Our Week

All work and no play would make for a very dull day. So, here are a few things we have done this week to break up the moving and unpacking while getting settled into the Gallman house.
It has helped that all of their toys from the other house are now at this house.  They just have new places to ride and explore.

They have both spent a lot of time these last few days playing on their drums (outside on the porch, of course, ha). 

He may be small but he is LOUD!

On Tuesday afternoon the boys took their first swim in Memaw's pool.  It is hard to believe that it has been 8 years since David and I have been home in the summer to swim there ourselves!  We are going to be spending a lot of time there over the next few weeks. 

poolside snack break

On Wednesday Cruz and I were invited to Chuck E. Cheese to help celebrate Sara Madalin's original birthday.  We went a little early to do some shopping.  We made a stop by Old Navy.  Cruz has become extremely picky about what he will wear these days.  So I took him with me to let him pick out a few shirts that he liked.  I am not a big fan of character clothes although I've really warmed up to the Super Hero stuff.  He begged for a "Cars" shirt and was thrilled when I agreed to buy it for him. 
Cruz in the shopping cart at Old Navy proudly displaying his new shirt.  He is really a fun person to shop with.  He has his moments but for the most part I do like taking him with me.  It's fun.

We then headed over to meet Malinda and Sara Madalin.  Cruz was excited about our visit to Chuck E. Cheese.
Malinda, me, Sara Madalin, and Cruz

He loved this monster truck!  Not only did it rock around but the front end of it raised up pretty tall.  He rode it several times.

We enjoyed a pizza lunch. 

Malinda and I stayed at the table and would give them one token at a time.  They would go play something and then come back for more.  It was a good check-in system for them. It also gave us a chance to sit and visit.  I think we all had a pretty fun time.

I was in Hazlehurst later Wednesday afternoon and could not resist taking a photo of this.  Hazlehurst is my hometown.

Here are the boys enjoying a freeze pop on Wednesday evening.

We spent Thursday with my mom.  First thing that morning we went with her to put new flowers on my grandparents grave.  They both passed away during our last term.  I missed both funerals.  That was hard!

We picked up lunch and went to have a picnic and some play time at Lake Chautauqua in Crystal Springs.
me, my mom, and my boys

Later in the afternoon we made another trip to the pool.  Larsen joined us too.  
Ben, Cruz, and Larsen at Memaw's pool

Cruz is enjoying the diving board.

giving me a "thumbs up"
We picked up some Catfish One plates for supper and ate with David's mom and grandmother before returning home for the night.

I am glad it is Friday.  It is the first day this week that we have absolutely nothing going on.  We are going to chill, relax, and most likely go for another swim.  We have a birthday coming up on Monday and I'll be busy as a bee trying to make sure the celebration is fun and makes my little guy feel happy and loved.  Have a great weekend and holiday everyone!

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