Wednesday, May 21, 2014

On The Move

Monday was moving day for us.   We had all our stuff pretty much packed up and ready by the morning.  We could have made several trips back and forth moving it in our vehicle but instead we were blessed with the use of this large U-haul truck for the day.  Wasn't that great!  It was another reminder that God will meet all our needs- even the little ones like moving.  David picked it up at 8:00 that morning and our boys squealed with excitement when he returned and pulled it into the driveway.  It took about an hour to get all of our stuff in it and we were ready to go.  
our moving truck

We thought about taking these two to stay with family while we loaded and unloaded but it turns out they were great little helpers.  Cruz loaded and unloaded all that he could carry.  He was a big help!  I am sure it would have been a little easier and less stressful had they not been with us but looking back I am soo glad that Cruz has those memories of being a part of the move.  He thought he was big stuff working alongside his daddy!

busy as a bee!

All of our stuff.  Most of it will go back into our storage shed when we return to the mission field.  Cruz asked why his daddy couldn't just drive that truck all the way back to Guatemala so he could have all of his things, ha. 

our family on moving day

The house we have called home since November.  We have stayed there for both of our Stateside Assignments.  During our first Stateside I was pregnant with Cruz.  This time around we had both of our boys living with us.  It holds a lot of memories for our family!  We hope to be back there for a third time in 2017.

Cruz was beside himself when we told him he could ride in the truck with David from Brookhaven to Gallman.  I don't think he lost that grin the whole way there.  This was another reason why I wanted him there on moving day because I wanted him to get to ride in the truck. I knew he would love it.

Cruz and David before they left Brookhaven.

We got it all unloaded before lunch time.  We took a lunch break at Taco Bell in Hazlehurst and then David took the truck back to Brookhaven to drop it off. 

We let Ben climb in to play a bit before we took it back.  

The rest of the day was spent unpacking, sorting, and trying to get resettled into the house where we will be staying until we go back to Guatemala.  We have a little less than six weeks to be here.  That will be just long enough to get really settled and then we'll pack up and move again.   Transition is not easy but thankfully our family seems to handle it pretty well.

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