Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

My Mother's Day morning started by waking up to find these things waiting on the kitchen table for me.
In addition to the flowers and balloons my guys got me a new laptop and made me homemade cards.  I love getting homemade cards every year.  They always make me smile!

Last year we started this tradition.  How fun!  Maybe next year Ben will be old enough to participate too. 

My Mother's Day breakfast was fresh blueberry pancakes with blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream.  And coffee- lots of coffee.  It was delicious.

Next we got dressed for church and took a few pictures.  If you know me at all you know that I LOVE to take pictures- especially of my little family. It's not always a pleasurable experience especially with little ones.  Sometimes it's just plain misery, but I keep on.  Regardless of how difficult it might be I still insist that we do it.  With that being said I thought hard about making my facebook status that morning something like this "If you want to get your Mother's Day morning started on a bad foot just try taking family photos. It works every time."  ha

me and  my sweet Ben

the two reasons I get to be called a Mom

my boys

That morning David was guest preaching at Shady Grove Baptist Church in Hazlehurst, MS.  All of the children joined in the service so they could recognize the mothers.  Here is Ben bringing me a rose.  Thankfully right after that my two headed out to play.  Having to wrestle them through the rest of the service would have been a nightmare for this mom.

We had several members of both of our families there to hear David preach.  Here is David with some of his family that came- his mama, grandmother, sister, and niece. 

After church we joined my mom and dad for lunch at the Family Fish House.  Catfish with all the trimmings was a delicious Mother's Day lunch!

We then drove to David's grandmother's house and spent the rest of the day with his family there.  The kids enjoyed playing together.  At one point we had a short rain storm.  We just let the kids loose to play and have fun in it.
Ben, Cruz, and Larsen

On Sunday night I joined some family at First Baptist Church in Crystal Springs to watch our niece in her school Vesper's service. 
me and Kaylie
I cannot believe she will be a Senior next year!

Kaylie reading the Irish Blessing at the close of the service. 

We ate supper at Maw Maw Farmer's before returning home.  Below is a picture of the beautiful sunset we saw as we drove back.
Isn't that gorgeous!

It was my first Mother's Day to be in the States and will be my last for many more years.  We were thankful to get to see our moms this year and celebrate with them in person.  I also love that Cruz was old enough this year to understand about the day and to help make it special.  He has already asked "when is daddy's day?".  My boy loves special occasions! 

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