Monday, May 12, 2014

Cruz's Preschool Program

Last week Cruz had his end of the year preschool program. His last day of class is not until the 16th so he has a few more days left to go.  He has had the most fun going to  "English school" these last few months and I know he is going to miss it greatly.  It has been a blessing to him and a ministry to us.   I smiled big throughout the whole program.  I was so proud of him.  He did a great job.  But, inside, my heart was a little sad to think that not only is his time in school coming to an end but it was another reminder that our time here in the States is coming to an end.  When the director said that the kids were all ready for K4 and that lots of adventure awaits them next year in school I almost started crying because I know that my child will not be there to enjoy it.  I mourn the things that I think my kids are missing out on but then I always have to stop and remind myself of all the awesome things they get to experience.  Raising kids on the mission field is hard on a mama's heart!

Anyway here are some pictures and videos of his program.  
Cruz's preschool class
I love how his school does their programs.  Each class is assigned a time.  They do their program in front of their family and guests and then rotate out to have lunch while the next class comes in.  It keeps the crowds smaller and it is not as intimidating for the kids.  It's also not so long for the kids to have to sit and wait.  That's a great idea!

ready to get started

my sweet boy smiled and sang so good

love that happy smile

After their music program they did a short gymnastics program.  His class had gymnastics every Tuesday morning.  Cruz has loved it!  His is always flipping and flopping and showing me what he has learned.

doing a cartwheel


waiting for his name to be called to get his certificates

Receiving his preschool certificate from Mrs. Linda the preschool director.  He also received a music certificate from Mrs. Michelle, a gymnastics certificate from Mrs. Lisa, and a scrapbook of photos from his teacher Mrs. Lisa. 

What fun memories he is going to have to take back to Guatemala!

We were all invited for lunch in the church fellowship hall.  They prepared a delicious meal for everyone and had the tables decorated very cute and springlike. 

They served spaghetti, green beans, bread, jello salad, and chocolate chip cookies.

Cruz with his teacher Mrs. Lisa

Cruz with Memaw Linda

Cruz with Mimi Margaret

Cruz with Paw Paw Paul

our family at Cruz's preschool program

My boy is growing up and I love getting to experience life with him!

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